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7 Weird Things That Introverts Love To Do


Introverts make up a huge percentage of our population, yet somehow people are expected to behave as extroverts. A lot of the guilty pleasures of introverted people are frowned upon by society. These activities, however, are essential for them to rest and feel content in their everyday lives.

Introverts don’t care if these things seem strange to us, they’ll keep living their lives the way they think is best. Understanding their behavior will help you to give them the space that they need. Here are 7 weird things that introverts love to do.

1. Avoiding Small Talk

Faking a meaningless conversation is not on the list of priorities for an introvert. They absolutely hate small talk and will do anything to avoid it. That’s not to say, however, that they dislike talking to people. The difference is that introverts would rather have a deep conversation than one without substance.

2. Getting Coffee Alone

Being alone is the greatest comfort for the introverted mind. They enjoy doing everyday activities alone, such as sitting in a coffee shop, going for lunch, or seeing a movie. Although they can also enjoy having a companion for these things, doing them alone often feels so much more refreshing.

3. Ghosting

Have you ever had a friend disappear for several days? It’s most likely that they’re an introvert. Sometimes they become overwhelmed with the world and need to be by themselves. Don’t take it personally, they just need some space and time to clear their heads before rejoining society.

4. Spending More Time With Animals Than People

Animals are much lower maintenance companions than people. They don’t indulge in small talk, don’t expect you to go to big events, and are happy to just sit near you silently. Animals are the dream friends of introverts.

5. Avoiding Phone Calls

Speaking over the phone is a terrifying concept for most introverts. They would much rather communicate through text or online messaging. It gives them more time to plan their replies and gives them the opportunity to leave the conversation without any warning.

6. Leaving Events Early

Big events, new people, meaningless conversations, these things make up the nightmare of an introverted person. Whether it’s a party, going for a drink, or a small get-together, these events will exhaust them. When they’ve had enough, they’ll leave.

7. Spending Hours at Home

Any introvert will tell you that the world is built for extroverts. There are so many things going on that can drain their energy. These people need time alone in the comfort of their homes to recharge their introverted batteries. They might watch a movie, read a book, or take a nap. This alone time is vital for them to be able to continue with everyday life.

It may seem sometimes that an introverted person is uninterested in spending time with you but that’s rarely the case. These people value their alone time and thrive on silence and calming surroundings. They do, in fact, enjoy the company of others, but they cannot be with people all the time.

Do you know any introverts? Share this with them and see if they agree with this list.

Eva Jackson