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To All Women Who Lost Their Faith In Love – Love Will Find You When You Least Expect It


I understand the devastating feeling. I know perfectly well the sound of a breaking heart and shattering soul. The pain is so surreal that all you want to do is hide under your blanket and sleep through your pain.

You start keeping your walls so high, not wanting anyone to get close to you and hurt you again. You shut everyone out from your life, even the people who love you because you don’t think you deserve love. Your fear of getting hurt is stronger than the love that is inside you that is waiting to overflow and grow with the right person.

I want you to know that you shouldn’t give up on love. That love still exists. Even if you can’t see it right now because you are in a dark place at this point in your life. Love does exist. And it will find you when you least expect it however cliché this may sound to you right now.

What you are feeling is a real feeling. And I can’t tell you to stop feeling sad and broken, but I can promise you that the pain will pass, and that love will find you again.

I understand where you are coming from and why you are so scared. The person who you thought was the love of your life hurt you so badly that you don’t believe in love anymore. Or perhaps, what you were experiencing in the first place was not love at all.

Because let me tell you what love really is.

Love is loyal. Love is warm. Love is kind. Love is a warm hug on a cold day. Love is happiness. Love is laughter. Love is not only listening but understanding as well. Love is healing words. Love is a soothing touch. Love is a prayer. Love is eternal support. Love is enjoying the time you spend together.

Love is courage. Love is speaking your mind without fear. Love is respect. Love is trust. Love is friendship. Love is patient. Love is an effort. Love is consistency. Love is honesty.

Love is a hand that you can always hold. Love is a person you can call yours.

Love is exciting. Love is fun. Love is comforting also. Love is everything that makes you feel like you’re at home.

Love exists, and it is real.

And you’ll know it when it happens to you because you won’t be able to hide the feeling. No matter how much guarded you are, no matter how much you try to deny yourself of it – love will find you and it will be just beautiful. So, never ever lose faith in love. 

Mary Wright