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7 Important Things You Should Always Keep Secret

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We all have people to whom we can confide and share all the juicy and also not-so-juicy details about our lives. They are known as our soulmates, parents, siblings, destined companions, and partners for life.

However, there are certain things about us that deserve to be kept secret and well hidden inside our hearts.

Yes, our friends will always be there for us, but it is important to understand that there’s a part of us that we should make sure to preserve it for ourselves. A sacred fragment of our souls made up of all our deepest desires and greatest dreams.

Opening up to people close to us has its own benefits, but sometimes it can only lead to unnecessary confusion and possible disorientation. So, sometimes it’s just better to leave it all inside and keep your secrets all to yourself.

7 Important Things To Keep Secret


I’m not saying that you should isolate yourself from everyone, having close friends and family is something we all need. They are the people with whom we can discuss even the scariest topics.

However, the depths of your soul and your belief are a special part of yourself. Not every little piece of your heart should be shared with the world. Save some for yourself.


Helping people or doing charitable work will not only improve the development of our society but also fill your heart with warmth and hope. However, you should never do this to gain validation or some kind of recognition for your heroic acts.

The more you try to publicize and share the fact that you’ve been helpful, the more your noble deed loses its value and people start to perceive your heroic act as an ulterior motive for gaining popularity.


You know that feeling you have when you think about something you truly wish to achieve? Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt really uncomfortable telling other people about my secret plan before actually realizing it.

Once we share our goals and plans, it feels like we’ve already realized then, and therefore we become less motivated to continue moving in that particular area.


Another thing I personally prefer to keep secret is my private lifestyle. Excuse me, but what I like to eat, what I like or dislike in my bed, who I hang out with, who was my ex, or what is my religious belief is not something that concerns anyone but me.


First of all, it is disrespectful and rude to go around and share your family’s dirty laundry. Second of all, this goes out to all of the people you consider your close friends.

The problems between you and family should be resolved in the privacy of your home.

What happens inside your hope, stays inside your home.


Similar to the previous one, the things you do or talk about with your loved one should not be shared with just about anyone.

Sure, it’s fine to ask for an advice about spicing up your sex life, but it is definitely disrespectful to spill out all the facts about your partner in front of other people.

Your relationship concerns nobody else but you. Try to remember this.


It’s safe to say that this is gossip territory. If a person trusted you enough to confide in you, you need to be decent and fair enough to keep that secret for yourself.

There’s a reason why they decided to tell you and not the TV presenter. They believe in you and they felt safe expressing themselves in front of you.

So, if it doesn’t concern you even a bit, make sure to mind your own business and keep those facts for yourself. (1)

8 Ways To Use To Keep Secrets To Yourself

There are always things that we prefer to keep to ourselves and not allow the gossip mongers to trespass on our privacy. You should always be careful with whom you share your information and follow the next tips to keep the secrets just for yourself!

1. Do not document it

Many people would simply document their secrets or even put them on their personal blogs. Putting a secret on paper is not advisable. If you have an urge to tell the secret to someone, say it to your confidant.

2. Change the topic of the discussion

Maybe the wisest thing to do when someone tries to persuade you to share some of your deep secrets is to change the topic of the conversation. It is safe, simple, and a nice thing to do when you try to avoid the sensitive theme of the discussion.

3. Take it to your grave with you

Keep it so private that it will stay with you until you die. The safest place of all is your grave.

4. Sometimes is good to lie about it

Lying in some cases, is a better solution, than telling the truth, some secrets are better to be kept to yourself. But, be careful with the body language, it can easily reveal that you are lying.

5. Enjoy the feeling of mysteriousness

You will immediately have that mysterious air around you when you start keeping secrets. You can enjoy yourself in the mystery and that mysterious feeling.

6. Be extra careful

 Be careful and discreet and stay safe. If you are careful enough, there is no chance someone to find out about your secrets.

7. Simply, do not answer someone’s questions

If someone is nosy and asks too many personal questions, you do not have to answer them, you are not obliged. Some things are not to be told to anyone. You have the exclusive right to keep some secrets just for yourself!

8. Bury it or tell it to your pet

You can write it on a piece of paper, bury it and destroy it, or if you really want to tell someone, you can tell it to your pet. It sounds awkward, but this is a really safe way to tell someone a secret!

Stephanie Reeds