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This Is Why We Lose Interest In People Who Are Interested In Us


Picture this; You notice someone attractive who happens to run in the same circles as you do. They have a certain intrigue around them that makes you want to get to know them better. As time goes on, you start to become closer to them and they begin to show a huge interest in you too. However, their interest keeps growing while yours fades until you want nothing to do with them.

Even if we don’t want to admit it, similar situations happen to all of us. It may make us feel like terrible people, but the more that someone tries to pull us in, the more we try to push them away. It’s can be difficult to understand why we do it, so I’m going to tell you. This is why we lose interest in people who are interested in us.

We Want What We Can’t Have

For better or worse, it’s just human nature. We simply want to have everything that’s far out of our reach. When something is already easily available to us, it loses all its appeal for us. However, when someone is too far away to grasp onto, we’ll keep fighting for that unattainable prize.

The same holds true for people. As soon as we see someone who we think is too good for us, our ego kicks in. Then, our ego-driven minds make us long for them and compels us to go after them. It becomes a challenge that we’re fueled to accomplish, no matter how hopeless it may be.

It’s The Thrill of the Chase

When you want someone that you can’t have, the destination stops being important. Yes, in your mind you probably think that it’s the end goal, but it’s not. What’s really driving you, is the excitement of going after them. The thrill of the chase is what’s keeping you going.

If it wasn’t because of that excitement, you wouldn’t bother. Whether you try to be with someone who’s already interested in you or someone who doesn’t even know that you exist, the end goal is the same. What’s different is the road that you need to travel to get there. That’s why the person who’s already in front of you will never seem as appealing as the person who’s miles away.

When Will We Stop?

We go about this fruitless routine of completely dismissing anyone who shows a real interest in us and going after someone just isn’t bothered with us instead. In that situation, we become the person who’s too interested. We become the person who’s getting pushed aside because they’re too easily attainable. Because of it all, we lose the chance of being will anyone at all.

Why can’t we just stop this ridiculous charade? Why can’t we let go of our egos for just a minute so that we can see what’s really going on? If we can do that, we may just see that the person who’s right in front of us is actually the person that we’re meant to be with. Although it may be hard, it’s the only way that we can find true love.

It’s a deep flaw of many of us that we quickly lose interest in the people who show “too much” interest in us. If we want to be happy and find a truly connected relationship, then we need to change our ways. Sometimes we just need to open our eyes and take a look at what’s really going on. So please, don’t miss your chance with someone amazing just because your ego got in the way.

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Eva Jackson