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6 Reasons Why Your Best Friend Is The Perfect Friend For You


It’s hard to imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t have my best friend. Throughout the years, she’s been the closest person in my life who I know that I can always count on. Since we formed our friendship years ago, I’ve just accepted it and almost taken it all for granted. It’s only recently that I’ve started to wonder why my best friend is my best friend.

After some thinking, I’m pretty sure that I’ve figured out why. As well as that, I believe that you might have the same reasons for having your best friend too. Here are 6 reasons why your best friend is the perfect friend for you.

1. They’ve Become Part of Your Family

Your best friend feels like a brother or sister to you. Along with that, your family even sees it like that as well. At this point, they’ve become such a regular part of your life. They can come over to your house when you’re not even home or spend hours speaking to your mom or dad.

2. They Know What’s Best for You

It’s hard to really understand a situation when you’re not in it. Thankfully, your best friend is there to see things from both an outsider and insider perspective. No matter what, they will always encourage you to do what they think is best for you, even if you don’t agree with them. Although you may not always listen to what they suggest, they’re always right in the end.

3. They’ll Always Listen to You Complain

It doesn’t matter to them if you’re whining about the same thing for the 10th time. All that they care about is helping you feel better about the situation. They may not be sympathetic when you’re still falling for toxic partners, but they’ll still let you vent about it. In every situation, they’re there for you.

4. They Say it How it Is

There’s no denying that your best friend is blunt and brutally honest. Despite that though, you don’t tend to get your feelings hurt over the things that they say. You know that they’re just telling it like it is and let you know their real opinion on the situation. Although it may cause you both to bicker sometimes, you appreciate their honesty more than anything else.

5. They Would Do Anything for You

Your best friend would do absolutely anything for you, and I mean anything. They’ll come to see you in the middle of the night if you feel like an emotional wreck or keep you company when you’re down. They’ll even get revenge on the person who broke your heart if you ask them too. At this post, you wouldn’t be surprised if they offered to hide a dead body for you if you needed them to.

6. They Love You Unconditionally

There’s one reason why you two are best friends that stands out among the rest. That reason is that they love you more than the world and you love them too. Through your best times and through your worst, they love you unconditionally. Most of all, they’re not just your best friend – they’re your soulmate too.

Life becomes so much better when you have an amazing best friend by your side. They’re your support, your other half, someone to laugh with, and someone to cry with too. Remember to always do the same thoughtful things for them that they do for you. If you do, your friendship will only grow stronger because of it.

Share this article with your best friend and tell them how much you appreciate having someone as amazing as them.

Eva Jackson