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10 Things Mentally Strong People Give Up To Find Inner Peace


In a world that profits from your self-doubt and weakness, mental strength is an incredible act of rebellion. Think about it. Having the courage to be exactly who you are by showing the world that you are not afraid to live according to your values, regardless of how different they might be, is a characteristic only a few of us possess.

Mentally strong people are aware that the happiness they long for depends on their actions. They are ready for every challenge that life throws their way. As a matter of fact, that is exactly how they’ve learned their first important lesson in life.

“There is only one person responsible for the quality of life you live, and that person is you.”- Jack Canfield

These people don’t waste their lives trying to change something that cannot be changed. They don’t share their energy with just about anyone. Instead, they focus on analyzing their own thoughts and emotions. They strive to understand who they truly are.

Here are 10 things that mentally strong people give up on their journey of self-contemplation in order to find inner peace and open the door to true happiness in life:


Thinking that everything is always your fault, even when you did nothing wrong that could have caused that undesirable outcome is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

Mentally strong people are aware of this. They admit their mistakes and take full responsibility for their behavior. But they would never let anyone blame them for something they never did.


The truth is, we are the average of the people we spend the most time with. And you know how that cycle of life goes. What you radiate is exactly what you attract. So, if you hang out with people who lie, gossip and cheat, you are likely to keep attracting those types of people until you learn your lesson.

That is why mentally strong people are very guarded when it comes to letting new people in their lives. They don’t waste their energy on people who are not worthy.


Comfort zones are nice and warm, but nothing ever grows in that place. Mentally strong people have learned this the hard way. Their insecurities have brought them many failures. But it was exactly those failures that helped them find the strength to never give up on the things they love.

That is why mentally strong people are fearless in the pursuit of their dreams. They don’t search for comfort – they embrace changes.


Mentally strong people refuse to search for happiness in temporary pleasures and instant gratification. To them happiness is a place that can only be reached by setting long-term goals, having patience and enjoying every moment to the fullest.


Adopting the victim mentality and blaming the world for everything that is happening to you is not the key to finding your inner peace.

 People who possess great, mental strength know this. That is why, instead of pitying themselves and blaming everyone for their misery, they take action. They work hard and they make changes.


The thing about these rare gems is the fact that unlike most of the people out there, they are actually comfortable in their own skin. They don’t pretend to be something they’re not. They are not trying to impress anyone. What you see is exactly what you get.


It’s important to understand that holding onto a grudge does not punish the person we’re angry with. Carrying that kind of emotional toxin in our souls is the equivalent of drinking poison. Mentally strong people focus their energy and emotions on more important things in life.


Perfection is an illusion. In fact, the pursuit of perfection is nothing but a waste of precious time. Mentally tough people are completely aware of their flaws. They know that our imperfections make us stand out from the crowd. They are aware that it’s our flaws that make us unique and different from the rest of the world.


It’s not that they don’t enjoy nice things. The thing is, mentally strong people are aware that depending on material possessions could never bring them happiness and joy in life.


Mentally tough people have no problem with letting go of all of these behaviors. After all, their experiences in life have toughened them up to a point where nothing feels difficult if they really put their mind to it. But the only thing they could never admit is not being strong.

You see, these people rely on themselves. So, it is really hard for them to admit when they need help.

However, even though their fearless personality and determined nature will always keep them going, it’s important for them to realize that asking for help is not a weakness. Sometimes, it is necessary.

Stephanie Reeds