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8 Revealing Reasons Why You Keep Attracting Toxic Men


I’ve always believed that I’m just a magnet for weirdos and narcissists. Although I’ve joked about it countless times with my friends, it really has been a big problem in my life. It seems that everyone that came into my life had a bad agenda. Because of that, I ended up with my heart getting broken time and time again.

What puzzled me most was why this kept happening to me. Why were so many horrible people just drawn to me? With a lot of self-reflection and research, I think I’ve cracked the code, and now I want to help you too. If you find yourself in the same situation as I was, here are 8 revealing reasons why you keep attracting toxic men.

1. You Give More Than You Take

Although being generous is an amazing quality to have, it can also be your downfall sometimes. When it comes to your relationships, you like to give to others and never expect anything in return. However admirable your selflessness may be, toxic people will always try to take advantage of it. 

2. You Try to Fix People

Some people are broken and just need a helping hand to become whole again. That’s the mantra that you always follow. When you come across someone who seems flawed, you immediately want to help them and make them better.

3. You’re Too Nice

In general, you’re just a really nice person. Whenever you can, you try to be as accommodating as possible and make others happy. Despite that this is usually a good thing, it can also draw negative people into your life.

4. You’re Empathetic

An empath is someone who can truly feel the emotions of others. These kinds of people are extremely sensitive to other people’s energy and always try to help them. Unfortunately for you, empaths often attract narcissists and toxic people because of their healing energy.

5. You Forgive and Forget too Easily

When people wrong you, you often forgive them almost immediately. Along with that, you also let yourself forget about what happened in the hope that they won’t do the same thing again. This can become a huge problem when someone keeps mistreating you, but you keep forgiving them.

6. You Cling on When Someone Loses Interest

Most people think that if someone isn’t interested in them, they can just let that person go. However, the reality isn’t always that easy. For some people, having someone who’s distant towards them can often make them work even harder to get that person in their lives.

7. You Don’t Set Clear Boundaries

It’s important to know what your limits are and make sure that other people know them too. If you don’t set clear, defined boundaries with people, you’re going to run into a wealth of trouble. People who just want to hurt you or gain from you will be able to use your lack of boundaries to their own advantage.

8. You’re Too Eager to See the Good in Others

You believe that everyone is good, even if they do bad things. If someone is around you and constantly doing things that other people wouldn’t put up with, you always try to look past it. In your mind, no one is truly toxic.

There’s no denying that these 8 things are generally good qualities to have. Truthfully, the problem isn’t really you, it’s the people who want to take advantage of your good nature. What’s most important is that you learn to be more careful and choose wisely who really is deserving of your kindness.

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Eva Jackson