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8 Quirky Ways Your Best Friend Proves They’re Your Soulmate


We’re so focused on finding romantic love these days that we often forget about what we already have. The love shared between friends is one of the strongest bonds out there, that no romance could ever compare to. They’re a fun, crazy relationship that you’ll have for the rest of your life.

You and your best friend may be complete weirdos when you’re together, but that just means that you’re both destined to be friends. Here are 8 quirky ways your best friend proves they’re your soulmate.

1. They’re Not afraid of TMI

You tell each other the most intricate details of your life. No matter how cringy or gross what your best friend is telling you is, you’ll never judge. It’s the same to you as if they were telling you what they had for breakfast.

2. They’ll Be Brutally Honest with You

Some people believe that white lies are often better than the truth, but not your best friend. They will give you a no bullsh*t answer to anything. It may be blunt, and often times rude, but they only do it because they care.

3. You Have a Code That Only You Two Understand

You use code words for absolutely everything. People, places, things, frowned-upon activities, they all have their own secret language behind them. You’ll almost always sound like crazy people when others hear you speaking together.

4. You Don’t Care if They Bombard You with Texts

Even if your best friend sends you 20 one-sentence texts messages in a row, you won’t bat an eyelid. At this stage, you’ve become used to they’re over-excited, emoji-filled way of texting. To be honest, you’ll probably just send the same amount of texts back to them with enthusiasm to rival theirs.

5. You Sleep in The Same Bed

Why would it be weird for you to sleep in the same bed as your friend? You do this all the time together and sometimes even cuddle. Sharing a bed just makes sleepovers that much more fun.

6. You’re Completely Comfortable with Each Other

You have nothing to hide when it comes to your best friend, and she has the same approach with you. They even change their clothes in front of you as if it were no big deal.

7. Secrets Are Never Kept From Each Other

If your best friend can’t tell you something, then who can they tell it to? They could tell you anything from the most mundane part of their day to their biggest, darkest, secret because they know that they can trust you.

8. They Can Always Make You Smile

No matter how angry or upset you are, your best friend will never fail to make you smile. She could have you in fits of laughter over the dumbest joke, even if she was the one who annoyed you in the first place.

Having a best friend who fate has blessed you with makes your whole world more joyous. A soulmate gives you someone to share all the happiness in life with, as well as someone to be there for you when you’re down. Don’t be fooled into thinking that soulmates are only a part of romantic relationships, they make wonderful friends too.

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Eva Jackson