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6 Powerful Mental Habits Of The Happiest Women Out There


Yesterday, I started thinking about happiness and what it means to be entirely happy. Specifically, I was thinking about truly happy women that I know and what they have in common that separates them from the others.

All the happy women I know have these 6 powerful mindsets in common.

1. They See the Good in Others

One of the most important mental habits all happy women possess is that they always focus on the positive side of things. Also, they always see the good in people and look at the world as a beautiful place.

2. They Walk Away from Drama

These women are totally drama free and run away from anything that’s toxic or dramatic. They are very organized and pragmatical about things, therefore they don’t put themselves into stressful and overwhelming situations.

3. They Live in The Moment

They’ve had their fair share of painful moments, times when they found themselves without a job or losing the person they loved the most. However, they learned one very valuable lesson, and that is – to live in the moment. They refuse to worry and obsess about things that haven’t even happened yet and focus on enjoying the present moment instead.

4. They Understand, Forgive, And Meditate

They practice meditation as it enables them to be in touch with themselves and identify their thoughts and the reason for their reactions. Plus, they also enjoy their alone time and are very happy when they are by themselves doing the things they love.

5. They Always Remember to Plan Pockets of Enjoyment for Themselves

They never have problems doing things by themselves, like going to lunch, shopping, or going to the movies. They do whatever pleases their heart and enjoy their company so much.

6. Even When They Have A Partner, They Are Not Afraid to Be Alone

They always do things they like, they never stop doing something they enjoy just to please other people. That’s why their partner needs to accept them for the independent women they are. They believe that their partner should be an addition to their happy life, not a blockage.

Mary Wright