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9 Horrifying Reasons Why Mothers Have Abandoned Their Babies


Many women dream of the day that they can become mothers. They imagine the joy they’ll feel once they finally bring home their little one and welcome them into their home. Sadly, becoming a mom isn’t such a happy occasion for every woman out there.

For some, having a baby is the last thing that they need or want, and there can be many different reasons for it. Here are 9 horrifying reasons why mothers have abandoned their babies.

1. Lack of Housing

The sad reality is that there are a lot of women in the world who are living in unsuitable conditions, with some even living on the streets. If a woman in this situation becomes pregnant, she can want to do what she believes is best for the baby. In this situation, that often means giving them up.

2. Postpartum Depression

Women with this disorder can often make rash decisions. Since a lot of these women don’t feel a connection to their baby, they can believe that they just aren’t cut out for motherhood. Since they’re not able to think clearly and aren’t in their right state of mind, they can abandon their child. Some of these children have even been found in trashcans. If you are in a similar situation, know that there is unplanned pregnancy help out there and you should look into it.

3. Money Problems

Poverty is rampant all over the globe. People who are in this situation are often moving around a lot and trying to find the cheapest way to live. Because of that, they probably don’t have many friends for support and are living off of nothing. When an unplanned pregnancy occurs, they can have absolutely no way to support their baby. This can lead them to the conclusion that the only thing that they can do is to abandon them.

4. Substance or Alcohol Abuse

A huge number of women who give up their babies are addicted to some kind of drugs. Under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, people aren’t able to think clearly. When addicted women become pregnant, they can fear that they aren’t good enough or that their baby would be better off in someone else’s care.

5. Gender or Disability of the Baby

Sometimes, parents just aren’t capable of loving their child unconditionally. Some mothers abandon their child because they have a physical deformity or a mental handicap. In some situations, they can even give them up because they wanted a boy but got a girl instead, or vice versa.

6. Not Enough Support from Family

Pregnancy is one of the hardest times of a woman’s life. With her hormones raging and her emotions all over the place, she needs a lot of support from her loved ones. If she doesn’t have that, she can cave under the pressure and abandon her child once it’s born.

7. Abusive Father of the Baby

It’s heartbreaking when a woman becomes pregnant by an abusive man. Women like this are already fearing for their own safety and can’t imagine letting their baby be hurt by the same man. They can feel like the best thing to do is to get the child as far away from their father as possible.

8. Mental Illness

There are a vast number of different psychological issues that someone can be suffering from. Certain ones can make it impossible for a mother-to-be to think straight. In that kind of situation, she may abandon her baby because she doesn’t really understand what she’s doing.

9. Accidental Pregnancy

While becoming pregnant intentionally can be a wonderful, exciting time, accidental pregnancy is a completely different story. In these cases, some of these women can have no desire to become a mother or believe they don’t have the ability to raise a child. They can be confused and desperate, which sometimes leads them to leave their baby once it’s born.

It’s horrible to hear stories of abandoned babies being left on doorsteps and in trash cans. Despite the anger that we may feel, however, it’s important to understand that no story is the same. The reasons for abandoning a child are vast and extremely complicated. It’s so hard to imagine the sort of anguish a mother must be going through to do such a thing.

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Eva Jackson