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The Happiness Equation – How You Can Solve It And Be Happy All The Time


Yes, the scientists have finally discovered an equation for happiness. In it, they point out all the key factors that can be considered to determine whether someone is happy or not.

Of course, since forever happiness has been defined as being grateful, generous, supported, loved, and having a positive attitude on life. But, the question is, how can we balance all these things to invite true happiness into our life?

How to solve your equation for happiness

Researchers from the University College London say that our (faulty) memory plays a crucial role in our happiness equation. According to them, happiness does not only depend on what happens to us, but also to how we compare our life to that of other people.

Moreover, they add that recent events hold more weight on the happiness equation than past ones. This is because we cannot remember vividly something that happened in the past. Contrary, we are more biased when it comes to recent things because the memory of them is still present in our mind.

Knowing this can be of major importance for us to start re-evaluating our experiences and how we react to them. Just as we want to experience more of something that is making us happy right now, we should try to think of things that have made us happy in the past and do more of that.

Should we gamble on happiness?

In life, we don’t always know what the outcome would be, but we are taking chances by investing in our future happiness. For instance, we invest in our education for the hope that our efforts will pay off and that our dream job will bring us happiness. However, this is not guaranteed.

One part of the happiness equation is how we feel about the prize when we finally get it. Researchers say that if the risk is big, our happiness is bigger. However, if the risk is a small one, we don’t feel so much happy. Again, it is our expectations that determine our happiness.

The number one variable in the equation of happiness…

Can you guess what it is? It’s dopamine – the hormone of happiness. And its amount varies from person to person, with some people having higher levels of dopamine in their body thus naturally being more light and happy.

However, researchers say that when you achieve something you want that provides your body with a lot of dopamine. So, even completing a small task or a goal can have a big impact on your overall happiness.

Finally, it all comes down to comparisons and expectations.

When you compare yourself to others and when you have expectations – you are headed for unhappiness.

So, live your life without any expectations and comparisons and you’ll achieve true and lasting happiness.

Mary Wright