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6 Amazing Woman Qualities Men Find More Attractive Than Good Looks


Have you ever looked into your partner’s eyes and wondered what attracts him to you? You know you are an attractive woman. You know you look good and you know your physical appearance is definitely one of the reasons he likes you. But, it’s not the only one. Here are 6 more things that men love about you even more than your good looks.


All healthy relationships are built on trust. When it comes to love and relationships, being honest is everything. And just one little lie no matter how harmless it looks, can destroy a whole relationship and create a space between the partner where the trust has been.


Yes, men are drawn to confident, independent ladies. No man wants a needy and clingy woman. As much as he is attracted to your looks, he will never continue pursuing you if he notices you’ve become too much codependent on him.


As much as men are expected to be strong and fearless, they often need their partner to hold their hand and tell them that everything will be okay. A partner who is supportive is a rare gem and every man looks to find one who will always be there for them.


In spite of the common belief, men like to talk. They want to have someone they can share themselves with, and what’s better than having a conversation with a smart, witty woman? Every woman needs to be able to hold a meaningful conversation to create a desire which goes beyond the physical with a man.


And of course, not everything you say or do has to be serious in order for him to treat you seriously. A joke goes a long way, and a shared laugh can really bond two people together. Be light, humorous, and easy-going. He will enjoy your presence and your energy.


Men love adventure and excitement and they look everywhere to find it. Therefore, if a woman is adventurous and up for action, she will immediately stand up from the crowd and have his interest.

Mary Wright