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Strong Women Crave Real Connection, That Is Why They Get Attached Quickly


Hey, you.

Yes, you – the guy who just clicked on this link and opened this article.

I am talking to you. You know exactly who you are.

You think you can play games with her just like you do with every other girl, but you are mistaken. She’s not the one you’re looking for. She is not that kind of girl.

Hey, hey. Don’t exit this tab right away. Keep on reading.

You need to realize something. 

It’s not because she is needy. And it is certainly not because she is shallow.

She got attached to you because you made her feel something she has never felt before. She saw something different in your eyes. A glimmer of hope. A shelter from the cruel world. A loving embrace that heals every pain inside her heart. A possible future.

The second your eyes met, she fell for you. But you can’t blame her. It’s just the way she is. Vulnerable, open, loving, but strong. Oh, so strong.

She’s been through a lot in life, yet she still sees hope in people. Her heart has fought a million battles, but she still believes in true love. No matter how bad life has treated her, she has always held on to the idea that somewhere out there, there is a person whose heart beats in the same rhythm as hers.

Turns out that person was you all along.

But you are too afraid of her love. You are intimidated. You are afraid of her willingness to be there for you, to commit to a loving relationship, to open her soul to you. You are afraid to give her the key to your heart. You are afraid of intimacy. You are anxious. You’ve never done that for someone else. You’ve never let your emotions flow that freely.

But you know what?

As much as I want to understand that, I can’t.

This girl has given you her heart on a platter. 

How can you be so heartless? 

She does not deserve this pain. She does not deserve your silence. She does not deserve to be shamed for expressing her feelings. She does not deserve to have her heart broken for loving you more than words can say.

She wants intimacy. Real connection. Commitment. A person who knows the songs her heart sings. Attention. True love. A warm loving embrace. Two loving hands carefully wrapped around her body. She wants to feel without being judged for it. She wants to love.

So, don’t hate her because she got attached so quickly when you were the one who first smiled at her, gave her hope and made her fall hard for you. Don’t hate her for having a soft heart in this cruel, cruel world.

Don’t be afraid of her intense love – appreciate the fact that you’ve found a rare gem. Don’t be intimidated by wild, courageous heart – be grateful for your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet someone as amazing as her.

She may have been through a lot, but she will never stop believing in love.  She may be a strong woman, but she will never stop craving a real connection and a pair of loving hands who will always keep her warm.

Stephanie Reeds