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7 Obvious Reasons Why Every Woman Will Leave The Man She Loves


Women are often perceived as more sensitive and emotional than men. We believe that a woman in love will never leave her partner. Well, that’s not the case with all women.

Some women no matter how much in love are with their partner, they will leave him if the relationship is not fulfilling her needs.

So, here are 7 main reasons why a woman will leave the man she is in love with.

1. She Feels Alone

Every woman needs to feel that her existence matters. She wants to know that she can count on her partner for everything. She is a nurturer by nature, so she wants her partner to be emotionally expressive and present. If she doesn’t have that, she’ll start feeling alone. And she would rather be alone and single than feeling alone while she is in a relationship.

2. She Is Not Being Acknowledged

Nothing is more detrimental to a woman than not being acknowledged and appreciated by her partner. Everyone needs to feel accepted, respected and understood in a relationship. That’s why a woman will leave everyone who takes her for granted.

3. She Is Going Through A Major Life Change

When a woman goes through a significant change in her life, she starts questioning her life and the people in it. She can have a major epiphany as to whether she is happy in her the relationship with her partner or not. If she realizes that she is not happy and fulfilled – she’ll leave.

4. The Relationship Has Gotten Predictable

Men, especially when they are in a long-term relationship, can fall into a comfortable routine. Yes, this can feel good for a while, but women want excitement. They want passion and fireworks. They want to go on adventures together with their partner and experience the beauty of the world together. If the man doesn’t understand this, then he should understand her reason to leave him.

5. Her Partner Is Not Physically Or Emotionally Present

A woman can tolerate and forgive a lot of things in the relationship. But she cannot be with someone who is always out and about. She doesn’t want a partner who prefers the company of other rather than spending quality time with her. If her partner would rather be anywhere than home with her, she will definitely cut him loose.

6. The Intimacy Is Lost

Women want true intimacy. They want to feel desired by their partner. They want spontaneity. They need to be romanticized. Therefore, when their partner shuts them off and considers intercourse only as a mean to satisfy his needs – any woman will leave behind a man like that.

7. She Feels Her Partner Doesn’t Love Her

And finally, when a woman starts feeling that her partner doesn’t love that, she will leave. Because no sensible woman wants to be stuck in a loveless relationship. No woman wants to experience the pain of loving and being with someone who doesn’t love her back. She would rather be happy and free on her own.

Ladies, do you agree? Do you have something else to add?

Mary Wright