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8 Signs He Loves You Even Though It Seems Like He Is Holding Back


Every person is different and shows their love in a different way. When it comes to men, they tend to show their love instead of expressing it using words. That’s why many women get confused about whether their man loves them or not because their partner doesn’t say it out loud.

Here are 8 signs your man loves you even though he is holding back with saying the ‘L’ word.

1. He Is Proud of You

He knows your worth and he is proud of everything you’ve achieved. He admires your abilities and he knows how hard you worked to become the person you are. You can see how proud he is showing you off to their friends and family.

2. He Is Vulnerable with You

In general, men don’t like to show their vulnerability because they don’t want other people to think he is weak. However, whenever he is with you, he doesn’t have a problem showing his soft and vulnerable side. He shares his feelings, his success, and his struggles with you because he trusts you. And how can we not love someone who we trust?

3. He Makes Sacrifices for You

It’s not easy for anyone to make sacrifices for the sake of other people. Not everyone has the strength to do it. However, if your man is willing to do anything to make you happy, if he is willing to make compromises and sacrifices for you-you can be sure he loves you.

4. He Listens to You

Really listening to someone during a conversation is a virtue that only great people possess. If your man listens to everything you say and genuinely cares about you, he is someone who is really in love with you.

5. He Sticks Up for You

This is extremely important. Since men hate drama and will do everything to avoid conflicts and arguments, when it comes to you, he won’t avoid conflicts. He will stand up for you if someone attacks you in any shape or form. Also, he will fight for you and your relationship.

6. He Loves You on Your Worst Days

When you feel like shit when your hair is a mess, and you just want to crawl in bed and sleep, your man is there supporting you. He still finds you beautiful and attractive even when you are at your worst and does everything to make you smile.

7. He Treats You and Everyone Close to You with Utmost Respect

He treats the people you care about with respect because he loves you and respects you. Even though he may not like some of your relatives or friends, he does his best to as respectful as possible because you are important to him.

8. He Makes Future Plans with You

This one is self-explanatory. Making plans for the future with you means that he is subtly telling you that he wants you in his life.

Because guess what?

He loves you.

Mary Wright