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4 Selfish Things People Do That Ruin Their Relationships


“If my love is without sacrifice, it is selfish. Such a love is barter, for there is exchange of love and devotion in return for something. It is conditional love.”

– Sadhu Vaswani

When you start dating someone, you’re accepting that you’re becoming part of a couple. As that bond between you and that other person becomes stronger, so does the commitment between you both. With that sort of connection, both you and your significant other need to learn to look after each other just as much as you look after yourselves. There’s simply no room for self-absorption if real love is to grow. 

Sadly, some people ignore their responsibilities to their partner. Instead of playing their part in the couple that they’re in, they choose to only look after themselves and their own needs. In the end, their choices will be what destroys their relationship for good. Here are 4 selfish things people do that ruin their relationships.

1. Not Putting In Enough Effort

Relationships always need to be 50/50. Both people need to be putting in the same amount of work, effort, and care as one another. If one person is left to carry the weight of the entire relationship, then they’ll most likely collapse under the weight of it. No couple can survive if only one person is trying to keep their love alive.

2. Flirting With Other People

All couples are different and have different standards. Some don’t allow each other to flirt with anyone, while others don’t mind it as long as they’re just joking around. However, no matter what rules they have, no one wants their significant other to be seriously flirting with other people. That just shows them that their partner doesn’t respect them enough to stay faithful in such a simple way.

3. Demanding Control

Narcissists, psychopaths, and toxic people in general all have an issue with letting go of their power. They all have the desire to be in control 100% of the time or else they won’t be satisfied. Some of these people will lie, manipulate, and abuse their partner so that they can take full control of the relationship. Sadly, the victims of this often don’t even see what’s happening to them.

4. Being Negative Constantly

We all have off days where it’s just impossible to put on a smile and act cheerful and happy. Despite those bad days, most people should be able to get back to their normal selves. Some people, however, are constantly negative. They even put their negativity onto their partner by putting them down and destroying their happiness.

Recognizing when someone is being selfish in a relationship is difficult, but it’s an important step to take. Nobody deserves to be taken advantage of and recognizing these behaviors is the only way to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you. Likewise, if you’ve been doing these things, you need to put a stop to it now before you lose the person that you love forever.

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Eva Jackson