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3 Amazing Flirting Tricks For Introverts That Can Make An Impact On Anyone


Do you consider yourself to be an introvert? Are you always the quiet one? Maybe you are scared of love because you fail to realize that your mindset is wrong.

There is a moment in psychology when people have a false perception based on the way they felt at the peak moment of something not taking into consideration their whole experience of the thing.

For instance, think of a movie, a concert, or a show that even though they had some boring scenes and moments in them, but if they happened to end in an explosive way, in an exhilarating way that leaves you breathless – that will be the only part that you’ll remember.

If you are an introvert, this can change your life. If you are in a group when you are the silent one, the one who only quietly listens to others’ conversation without wanting to expose themselves… this psychological technique can make you the most memorable one.

How does it work? You can use this psychological moment to make an impact on people’s perception of you without even having to expose yourself and talk too much. Here are 3 amazing practical tricks that you can use for that.

1. Give Sincere Compliments

When you are in a group and the person you like has been talking a lot while you haven’t been talking at all, you should wait for a moment when you two are alone and then you can compliment them something along the lines of “I love the way you tell stories. It’s so unique and interesting. You have a passion when you talk and that’s really amazing.”

With this technique, you will remind your love interest that you were present, that you were listening, and most importantly it would send them a clear message that just because you are quiet doesn’t mean that you are not confident.

2. Challenge Them

For example, let’s suppose you are with a group of friends and waiting to start a bowling game. Your love interest is there, and you have a chance to charge the conversation and make it more interesting by saying “I am truly sorry for what is about to happen.” And they’ll be like “What?” And you can then say, “I will crush you at bowling and I already feel bad about it.”

By doing this, you will stand out more than anyone else in their eyes, no matter how much others will talk for the rest of the evening. Your challenge will be more memorable than anything else.

3. Be Spontaneous

In this scenario, let’s suppose that you start talking about food. You could ask them, “What about you (insert name here)? Are you a pizza person?” If they say “Yes”, you can say “I respect that.” If they say no, you can give them a cheeky response by saying “Who hurt you? Okay, it doesn’t matter. We can work on that. 😉”

You can say this about anything. You will be on their radar for the rest of the evening because you’ll get their attention by referring to them by their name because it will send them a clear message that you’ve been paying attention to them.

There you go! Never again use being introverted as an excuse for not flirting! ^_^

Mary Wright