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Stay Single Until You Find Someone Special Who Actually Gives A Damn


For years, I entered one relationship after the other without taking a break. I had spent so long being a part of a couple that I was terrified of being alone. Because of that, I ended up dating a lot of people who really didn’t care about me. It was a heartbreaking experience that completely destroyed my confidence.

Now, I’ve learned from my mistakes. I won’t be dating again until I find someone who knows how to treat me right, and you shouldn’t either. You need to stay single until you find someone special who actually gives a damn.

Wait Until You Find Someone Loyal

I’ve had partners cheat on me, lie to me, and take me for a fool. The saddest part of it all is that I know that I’m not the only one because this is happening to people every single day. No one deserves to be disrespected in that way and no one should ever have to put up with it.

You need to be able to fully trust the person that you’re with. If you can’t trust them to stay loyal to you, how is your relationship possibly going to work out in the end? Don’t just jump into someone’s arms if deep in your mind you know that they have the potential to betray you. Even if you don’t believe it, you deserve more than that.

Wait Until You Find Someone Who Makes You Smile

Love and happiness are the two pillars of life. One cannot possibly thrive without the other and a relationship without joy will eventually lose its love. Find someone who makes you smile, who laughs with you, and does things every day that makes you feel thankful to be alive.

Although it’s easy to hope that someone else can fill your life with happiness, you’re responsible for yourself too. Having someone who brings you joy is amazing, but you need to know how to create your own happiness first as well. Stay single until you’ve learned how to do that. Then, the person that you meet will only add to that happiness.

Learn to Love Being Single

I understand that being alone can be scary. I’ve been there, and at the time I thought I would never survive without someone to call mine. In spite of that, I learned to let go of my fear and venture out into the world alone. Thankfully, it was the best choice that I ever made for my own wellbeing.

Being single has been one of the best times of my entire life, and I’m sure that it would be for you too. You’ll learn to enjoy your own company, to be independent, and to appreciate the freedom that you have. Most of all, you’ll learn that you don’t need someone else to complete you. All you really need is yourself.

It’s easy to stay in relationships. What’s harder is having the courage to be alone. Although it may frighten you, the best thing that you could ever do for yourself is to stay single. Someone will eventually come along who’s truly worthy of your love. Until then, wait patiently and enjoy your life.

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Eva Jackson