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2 Magical Things That Happen When He Hugs And Holds You


One of the most intimate and comforting thing that lovers do when they are in love is hugging each other. The mere touch of your partner’s skin so you can feel their warmth is a wonderful feeling. And it brings you and your partner closer together.

There is not a better way to express how much you love someone. A warm and heartfelt hug says it all. When a man embraces his woman, he lets her know how important she is to him. He wants everyone in the world to know that she is his woman.

There is sincerity, and intimacy, and true happiness that both partners feel when they hug each other. It is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world for a woman when her man hugs her from behind. It is soothing for the heart and warm for the soul. And you wish you could stay forever in his loving embrace.

Hugs are healing…

Sometimes nothing screams love like a soft embrace. Because words can be soon forgotten, but the warm feelings you get with each hug stay a long time. Every argument and misunderstanding disappear when you wrap your hands around each other.

Hugs have a great healing power. They can heal a broken heart. In times of hardships and heartaches, nothing soothes our soul more than a loving embrace from someone and the feeling that we are not alone. That someone loves and cares about us. The anxious heart can be calmed down instantly. The silence that goes with them has a healing power as well because it serves as an escape from all the worries and pain. We feel secure and loved again.

Hugs are silent, comforting, and vulnerable…

There is a strong sense of comfort and vulnerability we get with each embrace. Being vulnerable and raw is beautiful. The craving for emotional bonding is not a weakness, but it is rather something that will make us even stronger.

It’s the comfort you feel and the sense of love and security when you get close to your partner’s chest and you can feel his heartbeat. You instantly feel like home, safe from all the evils of the world.

And the silence that goes with every hug is even more beautiful. Imagine two souls embracing each other and they listen only to the sound of their heartbeats. They understand each other without words. The silence brings peace and a soothing feeling. Nothing is more natural and loving than a hug.

And we all need hugs! We all need comfort and shelter from the storm that is happening inside ourselves. We want to feel loved and cared for. We want to experience the soothing emotions that an honest embrace can give. Don’t you think?

Mary Wright


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