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8 Behaviors No Self-Respecting Person Would Ever Tolerate


There are some things that are so demeaning and self-destructive that no person should ever get into. And this is what every self-respecting person is aware of: some behaviors are just not meant to exist.

But in a world that has gone nuts in all the wrong ways, self-respect has started to translate into vanity, and idiocy has taken the place of empowering and (dare I say) normal behavior.

Here’s what no self-respecting person would ever tolerate.

1. People-pleasing

There’s a thin line between being helpful and generous and being a people-pleaser. It’s a line which is called self-respect. Once you cross that line, you become the doormat for every person who is too lazy to take responsibility for their actions and their life. Don’t respond to each of their petty demands! They are as capable as you are.

2. Trying to fit in

Where exactly are you trying to fit in? Once you learn to love yourself more and once you understand that the world is your playground (not some labeled groups and people who won’t appreciate you for who you are), you will never feel the need to ‘fit in.’ Be comfortable in your own skin and don’t care how others may feel about it!

3. Neglecting your health

Who said that your personality is the only thing you should appreciate about yourself? If you don’t lead a healthy life, you can’t express anything about you. Know that nobody is capable of taking charge of your health, so you ought to do it and be happy that you can.

4. Laziness

You should definitely be careful not to let the comforts of the modern life turn you into a slob. Technology is made to make our lives easier, but if you give in to your lazy self, you lost the game. Laziness means deterioration.

5. Stagnation

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” So be careful that you don’t stick in your comfort zone for too long. Change is the only constant in the universe, and this should mean something! Grow if you want to truly live.

6. Negative view of oneself

We all have a positive and a negative side of ourselves – there’s a positive and negative side in life, in everything. Choosing to look at the one half of what makes the perfect balance means trying to stab yourself with a dull knife. Why the effort?

7. Working at a soul-sucking job

To live means to move, to work, to try. But if you choose to do it in a way that drains the life out of you (simply because you don’t see any pleasure in it), you’re just being mean to yourself. The world is full of opportunities, and you should chase them. Don’t punish yourself.

8. Setting limits on oneself

We are limitless – the only walls that stop us from being who we want to be are those we build with our mind. And settling for less than you deserve means that you have no respect for yourself. Chase your dreams and ignore the idea of limits: there are challenges and there are solutions!

Mary Wright


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