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It’s Better To Settle Down Late Than Settle Down With A Person Who Is Wrong For You


It’s okay to not settle down in your 20s. It’s okay to not have found your “perfect” person in high school or college. It’s okay to still not having met the love of your life because not every love story happens at an early stage of your life.

Sometimes it is better to wait before settling down instead of hurrying up due to pressure and committing to the wrong person.

You should not feel bad for being single. After all, if you’ve only dated toxic people in the past, then being single is the best choice for you. Instead of being sad, you should be proud for having the courage to walk away from those who were bad for you and deciding to wait until someone better comes along.

You should be proud and happy for refusing to settle for anyone who is not the perfect match for you.

After all, there is nothing shameful about being single. You can spend all that time focusing on yourself and doing what’s best for you. You can use it for building your empire and becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

It shouldn’t bother you seeing your friends getting married and having children. You shouldn’t feel like something is missing from your life or you are falling behind in some way. Because it is better to wait and do something right than do something in a hurry and out of pressure and making the biggest mistake of your life. After all, not everyone meets their soulmate at the age they planned to. Some people need to look longer.

But, if you have to make a choice between marrying the wrong person or being the last single person in your group of friends, always choose the latter. You should always choose yourself and your happiness and not bother what everyone else thinks.

Take your time. Be patient. Commitment and marriage are serious matters. Don’t take them lightly. Don’t say ‘yes’ to the first one that proposes to you even though you know it in your heart that they are not what you are looking for, but you decide to go for it just because you are desperate to have a family. You know what they say, “it’s better to wait long than marry wrong.”

Don’t let society pressure you into doing something you are not comfortable doing. You should only commit to the person you truly love, with the bottom of your heart and they feel the same about you too. You should commit to the one who is a good partner and with whom you can see a future together.

Don’t get stuck in a relationship with a person who is not worthy of you and your love. Make a promise to yourself that you are never going to settle down until you feel it in your heart that it’s right.

Wait for your person. For your perfect match. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Mary Wright