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You Will Regret Losing The Woman Who Loved You And Waited For You To Make Up Your Mind


One day you will regret everything that you did to let her slip away like that. One day you will wish that she is back in your arms instead of in the arms of someone else. One day she will be just another stranger that you avoid on your way to work. One day you will regret not waking up beside her.

You may not understand this right away, but I promise you that there will come a day when you will remind yourself of these words and you will understand everything that I was saying.

I don’t know when it will happen, but assure you that one day, it will. And when that day comes, you will feel every emotion that she felt when you left her, you will feel her sorrow and her tears in my words. And you will realize that you made the most terrible mistake in your life.

She was a woman who looked past your flaws and saw the good you have left in your heart. She was a woman who fell in love with you regardless of how much the world told her not to do that. She was a woman who believed in you when no one else did. A woman who was determined to help you change. A woman who was willing to wait for you until the end of time. And she tried… Boy, did she try.

She stayed by your side when you struggled the most. She held your hand when you were uncertain about your feelings for her. She was there for you even though she knew that you are only there when you need something from her. She figured that the only thing you needed was just a bit of time and space. Because she genuinely believed that you could become that loving and caring person that she always dreamed of.

This woman knew every part of your soul, she knew all of your terrible secrets, your darkest parts, your fears, your paranoia, but she still loved you more than words can say. She stuck with you because she saw something special within you and decided not to give up. But the reality was much worse than she expected. She did not expect to be pushed away like that, not after she gave you her heart on a silver platter.

You knew that she did not deserve anything like that. And you did it anyway.

Because you never thought of her feelings, did you? Your own feelings and your own needs were the only things that mattered.

You took her for granted, you hurt her feelings and you left her hanging. So, she left.

That was one of the hardest things that she ever had to do, but she did it. She realized that there is no more place in your life for someone like her. She accepted her destiny, swallowed her tears and started her own journey. She finally understood that love is not always enough and embraced life as it is.

You, my friend, may not understand this right now, but one day it will all become much clearer and you will finally realize the mistake you’ve made.

In the end, you will regret losing the woman who loved you more than life itself and waited for you to make up your mind. You will wake up with a tear in your eye and you will regret not having her by your side. You will open your eyes and you will regret not treating her the way she deserved when you had the chance.

But when that happens, it will all be too late.

Stephanie Reeds