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How Lying Affects Our Relationships And Our Mental Health


According to one study, one in six Americans is addicted to some kind of psychiatric drug, mainly antidepressants. This is depressing. But, have you considered the probability that our unhappiness comes from the anxiety from bottling our emotions and not saying everything that we want to say.

So, maybe it’s because we are such liars. Yes, I call you and I call myself a liar. It is not something we should be proud of, but lying is a part of our nature. We lie to others and we lie to ourselves every day.

We think that as long as we feel sorry and guilty afterward, for instance not calling our parents so often, then it won’t matter. But does it? Does feeling guilty justifies our behavior and turns us into decent human beings? Or does it mean we are liars and hypocrites?

Lying is stopping us from fully living our lives and making our dreams come true because we are not being who we truly are. We wear masks. We pretend to be someone we are not.

But we forget that by lying we hide the real us. We are losing ourselves. We isolate ourselves from people we love. Lying destroys our most sacred relationships because we can never build a solid foundation by creating a version of ourselves that doesn’t exist. Thus, we will never be loved for who we are, but for who we present ourselves to be.

Let’s stop this!

I know it’s hard to live your truth when we were preprogrammed to lie, but once you see how liberating and how wonderful it is when you are truly honest with yourself – you can discover deeper connections and you’ll understand what true intimacy is.

Only by being truly transparent and truthful we can be the real, unedited us. And we’ll inspire people around us to be their real selves around us as well.

Only the truth shall set us free.

Mary Wright