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You Never Gave Her A Reason To Stay, So Don’t Be Surprised That She Walked Away


You broke her. Your indifference shattered her hopes for love. Her love for you costed her more than she thought. You turned your back on her when she needed your support the most. You betrayed her trust when you were the only one, she could count on.

There was a time when you were her everything. Her whole wide world. The almighty sky. The flickering stars. The whole universe. The air she breathed. But that time has passed.

So, please don’t be surprised to find out that she’s no longer there to pick up the phone when you need her. You were the one who taught her that she is the only person she can count on. You were the one who gave her the courage to make the step and leave the memory of you behind. You were the person who made her realize that she must be stronger in order to survive. You did that by not being there for her when she desperately needed your help.

Don’t be shocked to find out that you are no longer a part of her future plans. Just don’t. You brought this on yourself. It was all you. Remember how long she tried to melt the ice around that thing you call your heart? Her whole life. Well, that is over now. It’s all in the past. Because you taught her that. You were the one who told her that you want to keep things casual. You were the person who showed her that you don’t care much about her.

Don’t be surprised to find out that she no longer misses your touch and your voice. It was you who taught her that she shouldn’t attach to people so easily. It was you who pushed her away every time she tried to get closer to you. You were too afraid to show her that you have feelings for her. And, so she waited. She waited for you to make up your mind. Boy, did she wait… She wasted her life on you. But eventually, she woke up from that dream and carried on without you. You are now just a faded memory that will stay to remind her how strong she is.

Don’t be shocked to find out that she has been ignoring you for months now. She has finally found what she was missing when you were together. Love. You may think that she is right there waiting for you to pick up your phone and call her whenever you need her to satisfy your urges, but you are terribly wrong, my friend. That is in the past now. And it is all your doing. If it wasn’t for you, she wouldn’t have found herself again. If it wasn’t for your indifference, she wouldn’t have had her heart broken in the first place, but at the same time, she wouldn’t have become who she is today.

Stronger and much wiser.

So, yes. Don’t be surprised that she walked away from you, because after all, you never ever gave her a reason to stay. Remember, you were the one who taught her that loving you is the biggest mistake she has ever done in her life.

Stephanie Reeds