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You Are More Than Enough On Your Own, So Stop Fighting For The Wrong Relationship


I’ve made the same mistake too many times. I’ve given everything I have to many people in my life. I’ve sacrificed my happiness, swallowed my pride, settled for less, accepted average, I’ve even put up with relationships that changed my life for the worse…

All because I was too afraid to let go and be alone. To face my fears and face life head-on. To go through all the pain, sadness, and rejection at once. I admit it, I was afraid. I was terrified to end up all alone in a world like this. So scared that I sold my soul to people who didn’t care for me.  I gave up on myself only to have someone beside me.

But that version of me is in the past now. It’s long gone and forgotten.

It was not easy, but I faced my greatest fear and I survived. I managed to overcome all of my insecurities and get out of that mess alive. And here I am. Alive and well. Scarred, but thriving. Broken, but moving. Constantly moving, constantly changing, constantly shifting.

That is why I am here. To show you the way. To let you know that you should be afraid of the unknown. To remind you that every step you take is for a reason and it is meant to help you become the person you were always meant to be.

















You are more than enough, my friend. You just can’t see it.

So, let go.

It’s better to be on your own than to fight for the wrong people. It doesn’t matter how much history you have with them. Some people are meant to leave a mark on your life and leave. Let them.

It’s better to be on your own than to accept less than what your heart craves. The heart wants what it wants. You should always listen to it.

It’s better to be on your own than to ignore the warning signs along the road. It’s better to accept the truth and swallow it, no matter how hard it is. For that is the only way you will move on with your life and find happiness.

It’s better to be on your own than to spend an eternity wiping your tears off your face. Believe me, you don’t want that life. You don’t want to wake up wondering what the person next to you is thinking of. You don’t want to go to bed questioning whether you made the right choice in life. You don’t want to condemn yourself to a life of silent suffering.

It’s better to be on your own than to hold on to toxic relationships. You deserve much more than that. You just don’t know that yet. You’ve let others convince you that you are not worthy. That you are not enough… Well, let me tell you something. You are more than enough, my darling. Deep down, you know that you deserve much more than what you’ve settled for. It’s time to stand up for yourself and find your path…

Stephanie Reeds