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Seeing Your Children Become Good People Means You Succeeded As A Parent


No one can tell you what is the best way of parenting. Every parent is different and so is their parenting style. There are many books that will give you advice on how you should teach your children to become the best they can be and how to solve the problems that will inevitably arise as your children grow up, but you won’t know that you are doing the right thing until you see your kids turning out to be good people.

Being a parent is not an easy thing. There are many challenges that you will need to overcome and many situations that you’ll need to act fast without thinking whether you are taking the right approach. There are many times that you will just have to trust your gut and believe that everything will turn out alright. Being a parent is a 24/7 job. It never stops.

And your kids watch your every move. They watch you when you least expect them and they soak up everything from your behavior. That’s why most of the things they learn don’t come from you teaching them, but from them watching you handle problems and cope with everyday life. Therefore, before you know it, you will see your kids have become people with a character of their own.

Your children will have their own views of the world and there will come a point when you can’t influence them to do anything or to change their minds. They will become independent people and you will no longer be an active participant in their lives.

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So, when you see your kids become good people, that’s how you’ll know you did a good job of raising them.

Seeing your children becoming kind, gentle, loving, and good people means succeeding at the most important role you could have in your life – being a parent.

You can sleep well knowing that your kids are one of the exceptional people who will make you proud.

Mary Wright