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You Left Her? I Hope You Knew What You Were Doing Because She Ain’t Coming Back


I suppose you were surprised when said ‘NO’ to you for the first time. I get it, you were so used to having her around and her being warm and nice all the time. You got used to her always agreeing with you that you obviously haven’t thought that there would come a time when she would close the door for you forever.

I know what you were thinking. You thought that you can leave her to have your fun, and then come back and act as if nothing has happened. That she would be right there, waiting for you with open arms and heart full of love.

Hell, no!

Did it ever occur to you that a woman as exquisite as she is wouldn’t take your bullshit? Have you ever considered for a moment that when you have something so special and precious like her in your life you hold on tight and never let go?  

I guess you’ve never seen her love as something special and rare to find, because why would you? She was already there, taking care of you, fulfilling your wishes and doing everything to make you happy.

You took her for granted and now you’ve only got yourself to blame. Because the saying that “you never see the value of something until you lose it” is true, and you’ll experience it on your skin.

Because your leaving has taught her everything she needed to know about you. And, when you left her, she learned a lot about herself. She learned that she doesn’t want to have a person like you in her life – someone inconsistent, unappreciative, and immature.

She also learned that she deserves so much more than someone who couldn’t make up his mind and commit fully to her. When she learned that harsh truth, she picked herself up, dust herself off, and never looked back.

So, when you understand that you’ve made a huge mistake and try to bring her back, you’ll see that she’s burned all the bridges between you. She is focused on building her new life and there is no place for you in it.

And at that moment, you’ll realize that you lost her, and no amount of pleading and begging will bring her back.

Mary Wright