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A Healthy Relationship Is When Both Partners Fight For Each Other – Not Against Each Other


You and your partner should be a team. You should support each other. You should be there for each other when no one else is. You should be on each other’s side, not in a different team.

You should face every hardship together. You should overcome every storm together and walk hand in hand towards the sunset. You should be each other’s best friend and consultant.

Your partner should be someone on who you can always count for understanding and support whenever you want to take a leap of faith and leave your comfort zone. You should be free to say anything you want without being afraid that your partner will overreact or shut you down. You should not settle for living an average life just because you know that your partner wouldn’t agree with your choice.  

In a true partnership, both partners should be able to share and discuss everything with each other and make decisions that will be beneficial for both of you.

Because, if you two want to stay together in a loving, healthy, and stable relationship – you two should be fighting for your relationship together.  

On the other hand, if you are constantly fussing, fighting, and butting heads over the smallest things – then you should break up because you are wasting your time. No one should be in a relationship that is more struggle and pain than love and joy. No one deserves to be stuck in a relationship where they always need to defend themselves.

You are supposed to be on each other’s side. You are supposed to work together in achieving your goals – both mutual and individual.

You shouldn’t be wrestling against each other on the opposite sides of the ring. You shouldn’t tear each other apart over any misunderstanding and argument.

You should be teammates. Buddies. Partners in crime. You should be on the same page, fighting the same battles.  

That’s the kind of relationship I want. How about you?

Mary Wright