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You Have One Life – Don’t Be Afraid To Be The Woman Who Does Whatever The Hell She Wants


Here’s a confession. For a very long time, I’ve been struggling to set my life in order. In other words, I had trouble accepting myself. I had trouble dealing with society’s expectations of who I am supposed to be.

Care what others think and be that kind, polite and quiet girl that everyone likes or stand my own ground, fight for the things I believe in and be true to myself, no matter what?

It was very hard for me to detach myself from society’s expectations and remove the shackles. But, I did it. I somehow managed to find the exit door of that daunting maze and save myself.

And now, I’m right here in front of you…  naked and vulnerable. I’m ready to undress my soul and show you what it feels to be free.

Don’t be afraid to be the woman who does whatever the hell she wants!

It’s really exhausting and painful to be expected to fit into a mold just because we’re all a part of a cookie cutter world. It’s truly disappointing that people are actually giving up on who they are just, so they could become someone who is more socially acceptable.

Being yourself should be celebrated, not frown upon. Differences should be praised, not mocked. Flaws should be appreciated, for they’re the parts of ourselves that make us US.

We all have one life to live. It shouldn’t be people’s business what we do with it. I know it might not always be easy for you, but that’s exactly what makes life one thrilling and extraordinary adventure.

It takes courage, emotional, mental strength and confidence to be able to ignore people’s attempts to turn you into something you’re not. It takes a lot of self-love to ignore the messages about who you should be.

But, trust me. It’s all worth it in the end.

Once you release yourself from all of your fears that are weighing you down, once you detach yourself from every insecurity that forces you to hide inside your shell, you’ll finally be free to find the things that make your heart sing.

You’ll finally be brave enough to chase your dreams, do the things you’re passionate about and just be yourself. Your beautiful, incredible, flawed self.

So, dare to make a change. Stand up, take a deep breath and make a decision.

Be the woman who does whatever the hell she wants.

Be the woman who is not afraid to ask for everything she deserves.

Be the woman who will never stop fighting for the things she believes in.

Dare to fight against the mainstream. Dare to stand up for yourself. Dare to speak up. Dare to have different opinions. Dare to follow your heart. Dear to change the world.

You won’t always get it right, but that doesn’t mean that you’re on the wrong path.

After all, failures are here to teach us the most valuable lessons in life. And mistakes are the best stepping stones to your success. They are here to guide you, not define you.

You are a bright light in this world for a reason.

So, keep shining, my dear!

Stephanie Reeds