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This Is How Every Introvert Wants To Be Loved


Being an introvert in a society where everyone tries to fit into social groups, seeks the approval of others, and enjoys being the life and soul of the party, is not easy at all. People think we’re difficult to understand. They think we’re some kind of mysterious species, but we’re not. We’re actually pretty simple and transparent.

We may not show that on the outside because we’re selective about whom we let into our life. But, once you get to know us and once we let you into our world, you’ll see there’s nothing mysterious about us. You’ll see that we’re not ashamed to show how we feel and, most importantly, we’re not afraid to show how we love.

And I think the way we love is the only thing that makes us different from the rest. Because when we love, we love hard. We love in unique ways.

We open our heart and fully commit ourselves to you. We put you on the top of our priority list.

And that’s exactly how we want to be loved.

We want you to give us your attention and time. We want to know that you’ll always be there for us when we need you. We want you to stay by our side when times get tough. To connect deeply with and be close to us. To allow us to reach the most hidden corners of your soul.

We want you to wear your heart on your sleeve and never make us question your love for us. We want to know where we stand in your life.

We just want to know that you’ll never make us feel neglected or ignored. We want to know that you’d like spending Sunday afternoons with us and that making time for us in your busy schedule won’t be your obligation, but your choice.

We want you to accept us as we are. We want you to acknowledge and cherish every part about us. To accept us with all our qualities and strengths and our faults and weaknesses as well. Because we want to be ourselves around you. Because we don’t want to feel ashamed and think you’re judging us when we need to leave the party only two hours after it’s started.

We want to know that you won’t lose your temper when we start overanalyzing everything that happens in our life, including our relationship. We want you to have an understanding of all our insecurities and doubts.

We want you to be patient with us. We need time to figure out our feelings. Sometimes, we feel so confused and unable to explain how we feel. We want you to give us time to explore the deepest parts of our heart.

We need you to understand that we may be slower to make the first move or show you how we feel on the first date. That’s because we want to carefully consider our feelings and all aspects of the situation before we make a decision.

We just want to be sure of our love for you before we let you into our heart. But, we also need to be sure that you’re the one who deserves our love and attention.

We want you to talk about meaningful topics. Ask us what makes us happy; what things in our lives we’re the most proud of; what our deepest fears are; what we like and don’t like doing; or what our goals and dreams are. This is how we deeply connect on a mental and emotional level with each other and build an unbreakable bond.

We want you to respect our need for alone time. We need solitude like we need air to breathe. Spending time alone is as important to us as spending time with you.

We want to know that you’ll understand and respect that. That you won’t get disappointed, sad, or even mad when we shut ourselves in our room so as to satisfy our need to be alone with our own thoughts and feelings. And this is not rude. This is not selfish. In fact, our biggest fear is that when this happens, you might think that we have lost interest in you or that you did something wrong.

We want you to understand that solitude is what gives us peace and strength. In our solitude, we quiet our ever – active minds, recharge our batteries, and motivate ourselves to grow.

We want you to acknowledge and value everything we do for you. When we love, we’re always ready to go out of our way to make that person happy. We do things that are not really our cup of tea, but if we know that this means to you and that it can bring good to our relationship, we never hesitate to do it.

We can cry in front of you while watching our favorite movie and go to parties and all social events that involve a lot of people. We can laugh out loud and dance with you. We can do anything just to see you happy.

So, we want you to be aware of and appreciate that. We need you to value all those little, seemingly unimportant things we do for you because they’re proof of how much we love you.

But, most importantly, we want you to love us unconditionally. To be willing to fight for our love. To make sure you never do anything that could break our trust in you and hurt our feelings. We want to know that your heart only beats for us and that you’ll enjoy spending time with us in silence.

Riley Cooper