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7 Evil Games Narcissistic Men Play To Hurt You


Relationships are tricky to navigate, but they’re even harder when you’re being ruled by a narcissist. Having a narcissistic man take over and play mind games with you can destroy your self-esteem, your happiness, and make you lose the person that you used to be.

Don’t be fooled by their charms, these toxic men know exactly what they’re doing. They play these games on purpose because they know they have the power to do so. Hurting you gives them the sense of power that they so desperately crave. These are 7 evil mind games narcissistic men play to hurt you.

1. Acting Innocent

They pretend that they’re a saint who can do no wrong. In front of other people, they seem completely harmless. When they’re with you, they’ll never admit to being anything other than innocent. They’ll force you to question if they really are as bad as you thought that they were.

2. Preying on Your Insecurity

A narcissist will always sniff out your insecurities. They will hunt down any weaknesses you have and use them against you. Most times, they do this in such a subtle way that you don’t even realize what’s happening. They may make passing remarks, give you compliments that are mixed with an insult, or disguise their bitter words behind jokes.

3. Twisting the Truth

You can never accuse them of lying because they have mastered the art. Instead of telling straight-out lies all the time, they will twist the truth. Whatever happens, they will be able to mould any story to fit their agenda. Whether it’s making themselves look like a hero or making you look crazy, they can do it and always get away with it.

4. Pretending to Care

They’ll have you thinking that they really do care about you and your feelings sometimes. When you tell them something that’s worrying you they’ll listen and fake sympathy. What they’re really doing is looking for information that they can use against you. It also helps them to keep their control over you by keeping you in the palm of their hands.

5. Acting Superior

The biggest trait of a narcissist is undoubtedly their inflated ego. They believe that they’re better than everyone around them, especially you. In any situation, they will try to prove how superior they are to everyone else. If you try to criticize them, they will attack you for it.

6. Shifting Blame

In a narcissist’s eyes, they can do no wrong – another symptom of a giant ego. Whatever happens and whatever arguments arise, they will put the blame on you. It’s always because of something that you said or did. They can never take responsibility for their actions.

7. Drowning You in Negativity

You’ll feel like you’re suffocating under the weight of their negativity. They intentionally do this to make you feel overwhelmed and helpless. It’s the best tactic that they have for keeping the balance of power firmly tilted on their side.

An evil, narcissistic man will suck the life out of you and leave you feeling hopeless and alone. If you’re stuck in a relationship with one, get out now. Don’t feel sorry for them and don’t feel guilty for leaving, they have no excuse for treating you this way.

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Eva Jackson