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You Don’t Need To Feel Guilty For Cutting Out Toxic People From Your Life


Anyone in your life could turn out to be a toxic person – friends, relationship partners, family. It doesn’t matter who they are or how close you were to them, they could still turn out to be manipulators, narcissists, sociopaths, or just downright awful people.

There’s no reason that you should have to stick by people who are only causing you pain. You don’t need to keep them around and you don’t need to feel guilty for cutting out toxic people from your life.

They Only Want What’s Best For Them

These are the kind of people that are only out to hurt you and use you for their own gain. No matter how charming they may be or how good they are at acting as if they care, they will only look out for themselves. If they have to knock you down and walk all over you to get what they want, they won’t think twice about it.

Although normal people think about the consequences that their actions may have, these people don’t. Toxic people don’t give a damn who gets hurt on their path of destruction. They will use, manipulate, and destroy people until they have no use for them, after that, they will throw them away like yesterday’s news.

You Don’t Need People Like That

Why should you keep people like that around you? Why should you bend to their will and suffer just so that they can be in your life? Having them around you will only bring you sadness, so cutting them out is the best thing that you can do for yourself.

No Contact

The best course of action that you can take if you have a toxic person in your life is to cut all ties with them. Take a fully “no contact” approach with them. Avoid them at all costs and don’t speak to them. Most of all, don’t let them draw you into their games with lies and deceit.

When you do this, they will still try to get you back into their world. They’ll do their best to trick you into thinking that you were wrong about them, but don’t let them fool you. Remember why you needed to stop all contact with them in the first place. If you need to, block their number and all their social media accounts so that they can’t try to communicate with you again.

You’re Not A Bad Person For Doing This

Cutting someone out of your life is an act of bravery, not an act of weakness. It’s not easy to break ties with someone, even if that person has done nothing but hurt you. In the long run, though, it’s the best choice for your own wellbeing and happiness. You need to protect yourself at all costs.

Remember that they would never do anything to help you unless it benefitted them. Once they couldn’t use you for their games any longer, they wouldn’t even give you the time of day anymore. By cutting them out, you’re taking the initiative before they have the chance to do it themselves.

At times, it may feel like it, but you are not an evil person for doing this. You still have the capacity to care about the people who show you the same love and respect. What you absolutely cannot do though, is let someone walk all over you who only has their own interests at heart. You are a good person, you’re just looking after yourself.

No one needs a toxic person ruling their life, no matter who they are. Stopping all contact with them is a completely necessary and courageous step, so don’t ever feel guilty about it. You are a strong person who simply knows that you have to protect your own wellbeing. What’s most important is that you only give your time to the people who matter the most.

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Eva Jackson