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You Don’t Have To Be Perfect, Just Being A Good Man Is Enough


Guys, we women don’t need you to be perfect. You don’t need to have an attractive face, a well-paid job, or a six-pack body. You only need to be kind and a good man for us.

I remember the day when I went on a date with a guy who was not the typical guy that I usually date. Surprisingly, this guy made me feel butterflies in my stomach that I haven’t felt in years.

He was balding, wore thick glasses, and was chubby. But, God, how I was into him. I was always nervous and anxious when I was with him because I was trying too damn hard to impress him.

But, not that he was doing great on our dates either. He was also sweating, trembling, and constantly trying to avoid looking at me by looking at his plate because he didn’t want me to see he was nervous. However, I did like him a lot. And everything I wanted to do when I was with him was to kiss him, hold him, and show him how much I enjoy his company.

I knew he liked me too. But he was intimidated by me. His friends told me that he was afraid that I will find someone better than him. That I deserve someone who is better looking.

But, I didn’t want anyone better because, in him, I saw a soft heart. I saw generosity. I saw kindness. I saw someone who could love me and take care of me like no one else.

You see, I don’t want Mr. Perfect. I want someone who is a good man instead – someone who’ll make me happy, someone who’ll text me just because, someone who’ll be there for me. I just want someone who’ll be my best friend, my lover, and my partner-in-crime.

If I wanted an Adonis or a sugar daddy – I would have gotten one.

But I don’t want a perfect looking man. I don’t want someone to provide for me. All I want is someone with whom I can connect on a soul level.

I want a man who can own up to their actions. A man who will apologize when he’ll make a mistake. I want a man who’ll be genuinely interested in me. Who’ll do anything to make me smile and who’ll be careful to not do anything that’ll hurt me.

I will pick a guy like this over any attractive rich guy in the planet. Why? Because he’ll love me regardless of my flaws. He’ll kiss my wounds and he’ll make me believe in love again.

Guys listen to me. You don’t need to have the perfect body. You don’t need to be a model. All you need to be is to be a decent and genuine human being.

Mary Wright