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I Hope You’ll Find The Courage To Let Go Of Anything That Drags You Down And Move Forward


I hope you’ll understand that there are things you don’t want to happen but you have to accept, and things  you don’t want to know, but you have to learn.

I hope you’ll understand that there are people you can’t imagine your life without, but you have to let go.

You can’t always think that you’re the reason why people choose not to stay in your life. You know, not all people are meant to fit into your life and stay there forever.

People come into your life to teach you different valuable lessons. Some come to show you how real love feels like. They bring out the best in you and stay by your side whenever you need them. They help you withstand any difficulty and endure any pain.

Others bring out the worst and make parts of you hurt so much that you think you’ll never be able to heal. These are the ones that come into your life just to teach you how to let go.

And whether these people will stay forever in your life or walk away, you keep on living, loving, and learning. You learn that the pain will lessen. You learn that your problems and sorrow may burden you and break you, but you’ll find a way to overcome them.

You learn that some people can make you lose confidence in yourself and wreck your hopes, but you’ll rise like a phoenix from the ashes and move on. Because YOU ARE STRONG.

Undeniably, it’s hard letting go of the people that once were everything to you. But, sometimes that’s the healthiest path forward.  It helps you emotionally free yourself from those that drag you down and cause you pain.

I hope you’ll understand you have the power to build the life of your dreams. You just have to believe in yourself and do the things you enjoy doing and that make you feel happy and complete. Most importantly, you always have to be yourself.

Yeah, that’s right. Never try to change yourself so that others like you more. Because when you’re yourself, those who honestly care about you will love you even more.

Never pretend to be someone you’re not. Never try to accommodate yourself to other people’s opinions, needs, and desire. Since while trying to please and make everyone happy, you’ll lose track of yourself. Soon you’ll forget to think about your own needs, wishes, priorities, and problems.

Soon, you’ll forget to live your own life.

I hope you’ll realize that your self-worth and happiness can’t be determined by other people’s opinions of you. I hope you’ll realize that if someone isn’t aware of your inner beauty and value, they don’t deserve to be a part of your love.

I hope you’ll trust your instincts when they tell you something doesn’t feel right and that someone isn’t worthy of your love and attention.

I hope you’ll find the strength to stop hurting over the people who walked out of your life so easily. The people who left you without giving you any explanation and without turning back to see the havoc and void they created in your life.

I hope you’ll stop blaming yourself for things that were never your fault. Things that others did to you, left you in pain, and walked away so selfishly

I hope you’ll learn to be grateful for the things you already have in life. For your family, your friends, your partner – the people who truly love and care about you. For your talents and abilities. For the place you call home.

I hope you’ll start seeing people for who they are, and not how you want them to be.

I wish you’ll understand that the things that are meant for you will always come to you.

I hope you’ll understand that you can be happy without depending on other people’s help. And once you learn how to be happy, you won’t put up with people who are hurting your soul and heart.

I hope you’ll understand that letting go is not about forgetting other people, things, or your past. It’s about remembering all of these, but without fear. It’s about accepting everything you have, and everything you once had. It’s about embracing your present and the possibilities that lie ahead.

It’s about being thankful for the experiences that brought you joy, made you cry, and helped you learn, become stronger and grow. It’s about finding  the courage to let go of what you can’t change and move on.

I hope you’ll forgive others for hurting your feelings and breaking your heart. I hope you’ll forgive them not because you’ll forget about what they did to you and about the pain they caused you, but because by holding anger and resentment within yourself, you’ll suffer even more. You need to forgive them so as to let go of all the suppressed negative feelings inside of you, give yourself time to heal, and move on.

But, most importantly, I wish you’ll be able to forgive yourself because you’re flawed and make mistakes like everyone else and because you’re worthy of love.

I hope you’ll accept and treat your failures as valuable lessons and motivation to work harder towards your goals.

I hope you’ll let go of the need for things to be different than they are.

I hope you’ll start enjoying the present moment and embrace every opportunity life offers you.

I hope you’ll understand that once you learn how to love yourself properly, you’ll stop chasing people who don’t know how to love and appreciate you like you deserve.

I hope you’ll give up your ego and worries and rediscover the peace within yourself.

I hope you’ll let go of all the things that are not meant for you and of the life that others expect you to live, and start living your own story.

Riley Cooper