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You Can Slow Down The Aging Process With This Simple Exercise


As we grow older, many of us begin to feel unhappy about the way that we look. New wrinkles and lines start appearing every day. It can seem that there is nothing that we can do to stop it apart from risky cosmetic procedures.

Our physical and mental health can easily decline if we don’t look after ourselves properly. Exercise is one of the most beneficial activities for our health. However, some exercises may be better than other to reduce the negative effects of aging.

A new study conducted by neuroscientists reveals the most effective way to stay youthful for longer. They claim that you can slow down the aging process with this simple exercise.

The Best Exercise To Reduce Aging

Of course, at any age, it’s important to stay physically fit. Looking after your physical health will not only keep your body strong but will also benefit your mental health. Staying active may also keep our brains healthy and reduce the risk of dementia in many older people.

It’s best to stay physically active in whatever way is enjoyable to you personally. The neuroscientists behind this groundbreaking study, however, have found that dancing is the greatest exercise to reverse the signs of aging.

Dancing is a sport that can be performed at any fitness level, which makes it especially beneficial for older people. They also proved that this exercise leads to “noticeable behavioral changes in terms of improved balance,” according to Dr. Kathrin Rehfeld, lead author of the study.

The Experiment

To test their theories, the neuroscientists in charge of this study decided to test the effects of both dancing and endurance training. They would then compare the results of both sports. This would determine if dance really was superior in terms of slowing down the signs of aging.

The scientists behind the study worked with 52 healthy, elderly volunteers. They randomly assigned the volunteers to either the experimental dance group or to the control sports group. The sports program consisted of mostly endurance, strength, and flexibility training. The dance program, instead, focused on constantly changing dance routines which needed to be memorized by the participants.

During the study, they found that both groups showed an increase in the hippocampus. That is the area of the brain which is related to memory, balance and is prone to age-related decline. The dance group, however, showed increases in more subfields of the hippocampus. This proved that dancing is superior in reducing the effects of aging, compared to regular endurance exercises.

Start Dancing Today

Whether you would consider yourself a young or an elderly person, dancing is a fun, accessible way to stay active. It will help you to feel more physically and mentally healthy at any age. You’re also almost guaranteed to have improvements in memory, balance, and fitness because of it.

Consider joining a local dance class. You can meet new people, learn interesting dance choreographies, and enjoy all the benefits related to slowing down aging. Even if you’re not currently able to join a class, you can always dance at home. Put on some music and dance in the living room.

It’s only natural for many of us to dislike how quickly our bodies and minds begin to age. Through increasing our physical activity and participating in dance, we can effectively slow down this process. Not only this, but it will also make you feel happier and more confident.

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Eva Jackson