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7 Things That “I Love You” Really Means


“I love you” is such a powerful phrase that many of us are overjoyed to hear. When your romantic partner says those three magical words, the world begins to become wonderful and full of joy.

We hear this phrase, however, more often these days and have started to take it for granted. We forget how important a confession of love is, and the true meaning behind it.

When someone tells you that they love you, don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s just a simple gesture. It means so much more than we realize at first. Here are 7 things that “I love you” really means.

1. I Want You in My Life

If someone loves you, it means they want you in their life through everything. They feel that you make their world brighter and happier. Having you be with them is so much better than a life without you.

2. I Want to Be in Your Life

They don’t just want you to make their life better, they want to improve yours too. To be there for you through both the good and the bad, to support and care for you. If someone loves you, they will want to make your life so much greater than it is already.

3. I Trust You

When someone says that they love you, they feel that you are their support in the world. They can tell you anything without fear of judgment. As well as this, they don’t feel that they will ever need to worry about you being dishonest with them.

4. I Respect You

Respect is one of the most powerful signs of love and care. Saying “I love you” means that your partner respects you as a human being. They see that your needs and desires are valid and valuable.

5. Your Happiness is Important to Me

They will do everything that they can to ensure your happiness. Making sure that you are cared for will be their main mission in life. They will never want to see you sad or anxious.

6. I Am Committed to You

No one else means as much to them as you do now. Through the rollercoaster of life, they will be committed to keeping your relationship strong. They believe that the connection that you both share is worth working toward maintaining.

7. I Believe in a Future with You

When your partner looks to the future, they see you with them in every part of it. Telling you that they love you means that they want you to be with them for the rest of their life. They want to build a future together with you.

Love is one of the greatest driving forces on earth. It means sharing a bond with someone that’s so strong that you mean more to each other than anyone else. Many of us have started to take the act of confessing love for granted. That simple word means so much more than it seems.

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Eva Jackson