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The Truth Is – You’ll Find ‘The One’ After You Meet ‘The Wrong One’ First


Perhaps our mistakes are what shape our fate.

Maybe it’s true – in order to be whole again, you need to be broken first.

All heartbreaks are difficult, but painful love is the worst one. It’s the one you had so high hopes for, the one you fought hard for – only to find it never even existed.

A breakup can be a terrible thing. It can be very difficult to stand on your feet again after the havoc a relationship may create in your life.

You invest every part of yourself into a relationship only to see everything fall apart. You fully devote yourself to another person only to see them trample on your heart and shatter all your hopes.

You break into countless small pieces of yourself and wonder how things went wrong. And yes, chances are there were red flags that something was wrong, that you and your ‘soulmate’ were not meant to be together.

But, you failed to notice them. Because you were head over heels in love. And I know it sounds like a cliche, but it’s true –  love makes you blind. It makes you foolish. It prevents you from seeing the harsh truth staring you right in the face.

But, that’s what we all do. We see our partner’s toxic behavior and we feel the negativity early on, but we choose to ignore it. You think that the other person will change because of you. You think that the depth and power of your love will melt their cold heart.

You even ignore your family and friends’ warnings about them. You just listen to your heart and continue hoping that they’ll see both your value and that you’re ready to weather every storm that appears in the relationship just to be with them.

The truth is – this hardly ever happens. Things hardly ever change.

It seems to you that love somehow always runs away from you, that it always hurts you. You feel like you weren’t made to be loved. You can’t understand how someone can’t love and appreciate you for the person you are.

You’re the type of person who always puts other people’s feelings and needs first on their priority list. You’re the type of person who loves deeply and unconditionally, and who is always willing to make sacrifices if you know that will bring someone good.

You wonder why you always fall for the wrong person. The person who never makes you their priority, but treats you like an option. The person who calls you and who is good to you only when they need something from you. The person who doesn’t let you be yourself and freely express how you feel.

The person who doesn’t inspire you to become the best version of yourself, but makes you feel ashamed of your flaws and insecurities. The person whose behavior, words, kisses, and hugs don’t make you feel like you’re loved and protected.

You wonder why love is so difficult to receive. You wonder for how long you’ll be capable of enduring the same heartaches, the same breakups, and the same pain, and for how long you’ll be making the same mistakes – all this without giving up and never losing hope.

But, you know, we all make mistakes. We make mistakes in love.

We choose people who are wrong for us and we pretend everything is okay because deep down we know they can teach us a difficult lesson that we need to learn. And often we fail to realize that it’s usually those hard lessons we need to experience the most.

Because the truth is that life’s greatest lessons are usually learned at the worst times and from the worst mistakes.

We can’t be changed, or have our minds broken open, or turn our life for the better by ordinary, irrelevant experiences. This can happen only when we face drastic situations in life and when we’re left with nothing but broken hearts and regrets.

And at the end of the day, maybe there’s no such thing as a mistake if we needed it to learn something more about who we are, how we love, and what we really need in life.

And it’s true, there always be those loves we wish we could take back. The ones that ended painfully.

But, it’s also true that no matter how much we wish that this love had been something other than it was, this will never change the fact that the only reason why we needed this love was to break our hearts.

We needed that painful mistake to lead us towards the true love of our life.

By saying a painful mistake, I refer to the one-sided, toxic, awful relationship that we should’ve let go of the minute it started or we even should’ve walked away from long before it all fell apart.

But, we didn’t. And that’s not because love was meant to be, but because if we hadn’t gone through all that, we might have never understood what true love really is.

So, this is how what you think of as a mistake will actually take you to your meant-to-be person. To the one.

Just when you least expect it, you’ll meet the person who will accept and cherish you for who you are. The person who will make you their choice every single day. The person who won’t make false promises and play little mind games with you.

You’ll meet the one who will give their best to make you feel respected, protected, and happy. The one who will know your worth and will never make you cry. The one who will show where you stand in their life and whose love for you-you’ll never have to doubt. The one who will realize your outward and inner beauty the moment they see you.

Always remember that the love of your life is out there waiting for you, and when you meet, you’ll no longer wonder why you needed to have your heart broken the way you did.

When you meet the one, there will be no more unrequited love, unfulfilled needs, or drama around every corner.

Remember, too, that your previous failed relationships will lead you to the person who was created only for you and who will raise you to greatness.

Riley Cooper