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You Can Break My Heart To Pieces, But You Can’t Make Me Turn My Back On Love


You can fool me. You can make me fall in love with you. You can convince me that you care about me. You can shower me with your sunshine lies. You can hurt me when I least expect it. You can string me along. You can be there for me and then turn around when you get bored. You can stomp on everything I once gave you, take advantage of me, hurt my feelings, and leave me in the worst way possible.

But you cannot make me turn my back on love. Ever.

You can walk out of my life without looking back. You can ignore me. You can take advantage of me. You can treat me like an option. You can block me on social media. You can ghost on me for months. You can make me cry and scream in my pillow for days. You can make me question my choices, lose my mind, and regret every chance that I gave you, but you cannot break my spirit.

You cannot rob me of my hopes and my dreams. What I believe in deep down will always stay with me. The love I carry in my heart will never be drained. Not by you, not by anyone. My dreams of creating the life I’ve always yearned for will not be destroyed by you. Nor by anyone else out there.

It might take me some time to get back on my feet, but eventually, I will. And when I finally do, I won’t stop at anything. I won’t give up until I find what I am looking for. Until I find real love.

I might feel weak, lost, confused, and powerless. I might feel like my world is crashing down on me like I no longer know what is wrong and what is right. I might even experience the urge to call you and beg you to take me back, but it will pass. That confusion will fade away and in time, I will feel like myself again.

I will work on myself, find my peace, and heal from the pain you’ve inflicted on me. I will regain my power.

But I will never become a prisoner of your mind. Your actions will never make me swear off life. Your poison will not stop me from fighting for the real things in life. No matter what you say or do, I will continue to believe in the power of love. No matter how bad you hurt me, I will never turn my back on love. Ever.

The truth is, you can shatter my heart into pieces, you can destroy my entire world, take away everything I once held dear, make me feel worthless, you can do whatever the hell you want, but you cannot stop me from healing and rising above my heartache in the end.

You don’t have the power to make me turn my back on love.

One day, I promise you, I will find it and prove to you that true love is real. Right then and there, you will finally realize that love is only real for those who dare to believe, challenge fate, and write their own fairytales.

Stephanie Reeds