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Being Raised Right Means Treating Every Person With Respect


Being raised right has nothing to do with your preferences and your way of life. It’s not about how much you drink, smoke, or eat. And it is most certainly not about what you wear, what you own, and how much money you have in your bank account. Being raised right is about more than just an immaculate life.

It’s about what you carry in your heart. How much love, respect, and understand you have for other people. How much are you willing to put yourself in their shoes and look at life from their own perspective. It’s about stepping out of the familiar and acknowledging the fact that we are all different and it is the differences that make us special.

Being raised right is about kindness. It’s about opening your heart and showing compassion to everyone around you. It is about doing your best to understand people’s pain and help them get through their struggles. It’s about accepting each and every human being as an equal, without discriminating or judging their choices. It’s about showing respect rather than hate.

Being raised right is about fairness. About choosing honesty before everything else. It’s about having the dignity to be truthful and open in a world where people get away with their lies. Being raised right is about being there for others, treating them the way they earn and deserve, but also knowing when to cross a line.
















Being raised right is about accepting responsibility. Owning up to your mistakes, taking the blame when you’ve done something wrong, apologizing, and doing everything in your power to make things right again. It’s about choosing to be a grown, mature person who is perfectly aware of their flaws and isn’t afraid to accept their shortcomings without getting defensive or putting the blame on other people. It has everything to do with cleaning your own mess, instead of leaving it to other people to take care of it for you.

Being raised right is about keeping promises. This means doing the things you’ve promised you’d do, not changing your mind every 5 minutes. Being raised the right way means honoring your word and letting people know that they can always count on you. It’s about showing both integrity and politeness at the same time. It’s about being true to your word and sticking to your side, no matter what.

So, what is your opinion on this? Do you agree, or you have something to add something? More importantly, would you say you are raised right?

Stephanie Reeds