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You Aren’t Born Strong. You Become Strong By Surviving All The Challenges In Life


Life, as beautiful as it is, can also be hard and challenging at times. And no one has been born equipped with the strength and knowledge to deal with whatever life puts on their path. No one was born with the knowledge and power to overcome every obstacle. They learned how to do that by facing and surviving the challenges in their lives.

Strength is acquired, it’s not given. You acquire it after being brave enough to withstand the storm. You become strong after coming out from the battle alive. And by enduring all the hardships and challenges, you also gain these traits:

Strong people know their worth. You become aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You know that you are not perfect and you don’t intend to be, but you know your value as a person and what you deserve.

Strong people are more confident. The more difficulties you overcome, the more self-confident you are. You begin trusting yourself more as you realize the power you have within you. As a result, you start making wiser choices and your whole life improves.

Strong people don’t seek attention. They only want respect. And so, they stay away from people who don’t respect them or appreciate their presence.

Strong people are in tune with their emotions. They know that expressing their emotions is not weakness, but a sign of strength. After all, vulnerability is a trait found only in genuine and strong people.

Strong people know that the pain they endure will be worth it in the end. And they will come out as better people after it.

Strong people forgive. They know the power of forgiveness. They want to be at peace and that’s why they don’t hold grudges. Resentment has no place in their heart. Their heart is filled only with love, hope, compassion, and kindness.

Mary Wright