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You Are The Only Person Standing In The Way Of Your Own Happiness

You Are The Only Person Standing In The Way Of Your Own Happiness

You may not see it right now, but it is you. It is all you. You are the one responsible for the mess that you are in. You are the one who creates barriers for yourself. You are the one holding yourself back. You, my friend, are the only one standing in the way of your own happiness.

The truth is, it takes a lot of patience, hard work, courage and self-awareness to accept this truth and ultimately, do something about it. It really does. No one ever got here knowing everything. We’ve all learned it. Sooner or later. But one thing is certain. The sooner you accept the fact that your happiness can be found only within you, the sooner you will live the life that you’ve always dreamt of. It’s that simple…

It’s that simple…

Here are seven toxic behaviors that are holding you back from finding your happiness:

1. “I’ll never heal.” We’ve all been hurt. We’ve all felt what it’s like to get your heart broken. To be abandoned by the people you’ve trusted the most. To be left alone in times when you needed help. We’ve all felt it. But we are here, aren’t we? We are alive. This means that our will to carry on regardless of the pain was mightier than the pain itself. You will heal. Give yourself time.

2. “I’ll never be good enough for anybody.” You are good enough for yourself. And that’s the only thing that matters in life. The right person will see you for who you are and fall in love with your soul, with the real version of you, not the image they see.

3. “I need to be in control of everything. No, you don’t. And honestly, you won’t. You will never be powerful enough to control everything that is happening to you. Banging your head against the wall trying to change that won’t help you. It will only disappoint you and take away your will to move on. Let go of your need to control life and let it flow.

4. “I need more to be happy.” The way I see it, if you are blessed with a family, warm clothes, a shelter, food, and a bed to sleep in, then you, my friend already have it all. You have the things that many people out there cannot even imagine finding.

5. “I want people to like me” You are the only person responsible for defining your life. Don’t let others write your script. It’s okay to want to be liked by people, but it is not okay to waste your entire life trying to become someone that others will accept. Let people see you for who you are. Those who will accept you are the only ones worth being in your life, anyway.

6. “True love doesn’t exist.” Trust me, it does. It may not arrive in your life the way you’ve always hoped, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not there. It’s your fear that is the problem, nothing else. I am not saying it is easy to just let go of your pain and pretend you’ve never been hurt. All I am saying is… it doesn’t hurt to have faith. To believe that one day what’s meant for you will find you…

7. “Chasing dreams is a waste of time.” No, it’s not. It’s one of the most incredible things that you can do for yourself. It’s how you heal, how you grow, how you transform. Your dreams are the most valuable assets. So, don’t ever let your mind, even for a second convince you that you are doing all of this in vain. You are choosing to do something with your life. To build something from scratch. To leave something behind you. That’s worth more than anything else out there…Because it’s priceless.

Stephanie Reeds