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Healing Childhood Trauma With the Help of These Stones and Crystals

Childhood Trauma

In the United States alone, around 35 million children have experienced at least one type of childhood trauma. Gemstones are some of the best spiritual tools for healing childhood trauma during adulthood.

Around 22.6% of American children have experienced 2 or more “adverse family experiences” in their lifetime. Sadly, traumatic experiences hit especially hard at young ages. People typically aren’t mentally or emotionally equipped to process trauma when they are very young.

Trauma has lasting physical, mental, and spiritual effects. Spiritually tending to trauma is just as important as minding its other aspects. Here are some gemstones that are known to heal childhood trauma.


Out of all the stones and crystals out there, Amethyst is the most well-known for facilitating recovery. It’s also abundant and from a family of purple gemstones, which is why it’s one of the more popular healing stones on the market.

Amethyst brings stress relief and courage. It also soothes and transmutes emotions into balance. Placing it under your pillow protects you from trauma-based nightmares while you’re asleep.

Rose Quartz

People refer to Rose Quartz as “the love stone.” It embodies vibrations of love and healing. It’s also connected to the heart chakra, the chakra where emotional blockages form.

Hold Rose Quartz in your receptive hand (the hand you don’t write with) and visualize pure pink light cleansing your heart chakra. Set the intention of removing emotional blockages as the pink light envelops the rest of your body. Doing this daily aligns you with Universal Love that will manifest in your life.

Rose Quartz is also a good stone to have during QHHT sessions. QHHT stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. You can find out how it works through the aforementioned link.


Turquoise is a triclinic crystal that aligns and balances all of your chakras. It also helps with stabilizing mood swings and promoting inner peace.

This gemstone promotes alcohol detoxification. For this reason, people with alcohol abuse problems should wear some around their necks. That way, its energy absorbs right into your heart chakra.

Gemstone Exercise

Orange Calcite connects to the 2nd/sacral chakra. It assists in activating, reframing, and releasing childhood memories. Nuummite is a third/solar plexus chakra stone that soothes emotions.

First, hold Orange Calcite in your receptive hand. Then place Selenite (a cleansing stone) in your dominant hand (the one you write with). Next, place Nuummite on your solar plexus, located at the center/bottom of your ribcage.

Once the crystals are in place, go into a meditative state. Invite your childhood trauma to come forth so you can work on releasing it. Observe the emotions/energies that arise, but afterward, focus on compassion and white light filling your body/aura.

Inhale the white light and exhale the negative energy. Do this exercise weekly or monthly to get better results.

Start Healing Childhood Trauma With Gemstones

Around 27% of Americans claim they’re spiritual, but not religious. Nonetheless, a little spirituality goes a long way toward healing childhood trauma.

About 48% of Americans say they’re spiritual and religious. Fortunately, gemstone healing is compatible with more religions than you think! Let an open mind be your portal to healing.

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