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You Are Not Responsible For Your Trauma, But You Are Responsible For Your Healing

But You Are Responsible For Your Healing

Your trauma is not your fault. You are not guilty of the way you were abused and the things that have happened to you. You didn’t deserve to be traumatized. No one does.

Trauma is not something we are asking for. It is something we get unwillingly and unfairly. We are only victims of the wrath and fury of someone else.

Sometimes, we get traumatized by life itself. Other times, we get traumatized by bottling down our feelings out of fear. It’s like no matter what we do, we are destined for failure and a life of sadness.

Probably the majority of us are aware of what is happening and of the roots of the trauma, and yet we cannot let it go and forget about it. Even when we know that we are not responsible for our traumas, the healing process is hard for us.

The thing is, we are not responsible for the trauma, but we are the only ones responsible for our healing.

Healing is something we should do on our own. We’ve been hurt tremendously in the past, the pain has left wounds, but it is our responsibility to treat those wounds with caution and heal them so that we don’t bleed on innocent people who didn’t hurt us.

We are responsible for our healing because no one will come and make our miserable lives better. No one can make us change and heal our hearts if we are not ready for it. The healing comes from within first.

Only we have the power to heal ourselves from the trauma.

Our inner healing power is incredibly strong and if we use it the right way – we can begin seeing and experiencing the world in a completely new fashion and light.

We will become happier, more fulfilled, and more loving! Because healing is not a return to the old version of us – it is an upgraded and stronger version of us that we were not aware it even existed.

Yes, we will still get hurt – it’s a part of life. But how we deal with the hurt is completely up to us. No one can bring us down without our consent.

Our trauma can become our strength if we are willing to heal ourselves.  

Mary Wright