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Dear Husbands, Please Don’t Wait For Your Wives To Ask For Help

Dear Husbands

Dear husbands all over the world,

I know that you probably think that your wife is handling everything so well because she just told you “It’s fine. I’ve got it.” But here’s the truth. She’s not. In fact, she is struggling.

She is tired from work. She is exhausted from running all day. She is overwhelmed.

She is SICK AND TIRED of running this ship on her own while you wait to be instructed what to do. She is sick and tired of having to manage the household on her own. She is sick and tired of multitasking as if she is the only parent in the house. She is sick and tired of doing everything that needs to be done around the house just because she is a woman and we all know where a woman’s place is, right?

She is sick and tired of having a husband who doesn’t ask her how she feels even though she is bending over backward to finish everything in order to spend more time with the kids. She is sick and tired of telling you that she needs help.

Can’t you understand?!

She DOESN’T NEED your help. She needs you to start behaving like a mature person.

She’s not alone in this marriage, you know? And she certainly didn’t sign up for this when she agreed to marry you and spend her life beside you.

She doesn’t need you to help her load the dishwashing machines or vacuum the living room after she begged you to do it. She NEEDS an equal partner. A person who will always be there to divide the chores evenly and fairly. A person who will be present in her life from the moment she opens her eyes until the very moment she closes them. A person who won’t have to be instructed to do something. A person who will behave like a responsible parent and a caring, considerate husband.

Don’t wait!

Don’t wait for her to tell you what you have to do. Don’t wait for her to come tired from work to a messy house. Don’t wait for her to clean up the kitchen. Don’t wait for her to calm the kids and make them dinner. Don’t wait for her to go mad and yell at you for not asking if she needs your help!

Don’t WAIT until she looks miserable.

She needs you now. Right at this moment.

Especially when she says that she’s got it.

Do the things that need to be done. Feed the kids. Clean the mess. Wash the dishes. Fold and store the clothes. Vacuum the house. Take the dog out. Buy groceries. Make dinner. Act like a grown-up. In fact, be a grown-up.

You are in this TOGETHER!

Be the equal partner that she desperately needs!

Sincerely, every wife out there.


Stephanie Reeds