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You Deserve The Kind Of Love That Lasts Forever

You Deserve The Kind Of Love That Lasts Forever

You are a rare flower in a field full of poppies. You are sunshine in a human form. You are the rarest gem in the world. The morning dew that caresses the grass. The sunset rays that gently touches the sea. The bright moonlight that illuminates the sky.

You have a soul that has too much to give.

A heart that is full of love.  And you deserve the whole world.

You deserve someone who is there for you. Someone who wants to text you back and call you to see how you are doing.

You deserve someone who makes you feel wanted. Someone who spends all of his mornings and evenings with you by his side.

You deserve someone who cannot imagine his life without you by his side. Someone who cannot help but think about you before he goes to sleep.

You deserve someone who will show you what real, all-consuming love feels like. Someone who will not be afraid to undress his soul in front of you.

You deserve someone who cares. Someone who wants to be 100% involved in your life.

You deserve someone who says absolutely, not maybe. Someone who is sure about his feelings about you.

You deserve someone who offers his heart as a shelter for you. Someone who holds your hand when you are afraid and says you’re going to be alright every time you doubt yourself.

You deserve someone who wants to wake up next to you and hold you in his embrace the whole day. Someone who is the happiest when you are happy.

You deserve someone who steals your kisses instead of your heart. Someone whose heart beats in the same rhythm as yours.

You deserve someone who falls in love with you every day all over again. Someone who is gentle with your heart and knows how fragile it is.

You deserve someone you can rely on without worrying that you will fall. Someone who is strong enough to be there for you when you feel too weak to carry on your own.

You deserve someone who sees you as a priority, not an option. Someone who knows how blessed he is for having a person like you by his side.

You deserve someone who looks at you and really sees you for who you are. Someone is in love with your soul and your pure heart.

You deserve someone who is your best friend. Someone who would never let anything or anyone destroy the connection that you two have.

You deserve someone who supports you in your journey. Someone who is not intimidated, but rather motivated by your success.

You deserve someone who loves your flaws. Someone who accepts you just the way you are… weird, imperfect, shy, loud, silly, insecure, afraid, confused…

You, my darling, deserve the kind of love that lasts forever.

Stephanie Reeds