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You Are Not Delusional! They Are Toxic And You Need To Get Out FAST


They say they called you, but somehow you can’t find the missed phone call. They make all kinds of promises but never fulfill them. Their words and their actions don’t match. Whenever you catch them lying, they immediately start blaming you for not trusting them.

They are hurtful. Whether you made a mistake yourself or not, you should never be with someone who wants to strike back and hurt you. This person makes you feel bad about every little thing you messed up that you already said you are sorry for. They never take the fault and responsibility for their actions because, why would they? It’s always easier to blame the other person.

They tell you how much they like you, yet they don’t commit to you fully. They string you along. They always have excuses on why you should wait for them. You hope that one day they will commit to you. They manipulate you into thinking and hoping that. They do it because they don’t want you to leave them. They want to have you where you are – hooked on them, unable to move. And when you realize that the commitment is not coming and may never come, you feel devastated, hurt, and angry for all the time you’ve lost.

They are active on social media, but they don’t respond to your messages. They are ignoring you. And this messes up with your head because you try to come up with excuses as to why they are not texting. You do it because otherwise, you would have to break with them, and you don’t want that. Because you love them, and you don’t want to let go. The reality is, they know you are weak when it comes to them and they use it to their advantage. They know you’ll believe everything they say.

They make snide comments about the things you feel insecure about. They poke fun at you to diminish your self-confidence and manipulate you even more easily. They will use every little thing you have told them about you to their advantage. They will make you feel as though you are not worthy of them. Therefore, you will feel as you need to get their validation and convince them that you are good enough for them. How clever, don’t you think?

They only hand out with you on their terms. They want to have a hold on you, and yet you can never get a hold of them. They expect you to always be there for them, but when you need them, they are nowhere to be found.

They never talk about the problems in your relationship. Whenever you ask them about something that is bothering you, you get the same old response, “everything is right, don’t worry about it.” That’s what f*cks you up and messes with your head. You are not crazy dear; they are just an immature prick who is not ready to have a real relationship.

They make grand promises but never follow through with them. They say they want you to meet their friends and family. They say they want to go on a vacation with you. They say they plan on marrying you. These are all great things to hear, but the trouble is, none of them are true. When they leave you, they take all their fake promises with them, making you once again feel like crazy for trusting them.

Whenever you are together, you notice that their attention is not on you. They are always on their phone or busy doing something else. You feel they are distant and as if their mind and heart are ten miles away even when you both in the same room. As time passes by, you feel even more and more alone and lonely in spite of having someone next to you.

They are not letting you leave. Every time you try to break up with them, they are not letting you go. They give you millions of reasons and excuses to not leave them. They apologize to you and promise that things will be different the next time around. They never are. They are toxic and they will never change.

If any of this applies to you, then no – you are not delusional or crazy. They are emotionally toxic and immature to ever be in a committed relationship.

Mary Wright