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Photographer Befriends Deserted And Starving Puppy On Tiny Island


Wesley White, a photographer, expected a once-in-a-lifetime ocean view, beautiful sand and blue skies during his visit of Belize, Central America. He found all that and more.

Namely, he was on a work trip there and he decided to spend the little free time he had kayaking to a tiny island. He stopped to have a picnic there because he wanted to enjoy the view. Then he noticed something…

An incredibly skinny, bony, undernourished, and starving puppy. The puppy approached him, and he felt like his heart will break into thousands of tiny pieces. He wrapped the puppy and took it with him. 

He started worrying when he realized that he is supposed to head back home in a few days, and he didn’t have any idea what to do with the poor dog.

Fortunately, the puppy had luck because Wesley was a big dog lover.

“Everybody started helping me take care of him. They got me a couple of cans of dog food. The bartender there[his accomodation] immediately started calling friends to find out where the closest vet was,” said White.

He immediately brought the dog to the vet when doctors concluded that the abandoned puppy was all covered in mites, undernourished and dehydrated.

It was also concluded that the puppy was generally healthy and that it will be able to fully recover.

And when the time came when Wesley had to return home, he decided to leave the friendly dog at the vet.

“It was like giving up my little puppy all of a sudden,” said White.

When the puppy was healed enough, it was placed in foster care with Wesley following the whole process. At the same time, Wesley has created a GoFundMe page for the dog’s treatments.

When the vet said that the dog can fly, Wesley booked him a flight to Texas. There, the two friends reunited. When the puppy saw his friend, his eyes immediately perked up. The dog was named Winston and he spent the rest of his life with Wesley and his family. Wesley shares this story on the Instagram profile that he named after the island dog. 

Mary Wright