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I Have A Habit Of Holding Onto People Who Are Wrong For Me. That’s How I Know That Leaving You Will Hurt


I have a habit of holding onto people who are wrong for me. I can’t let go of them because they mean so much to me. And I guess this is because I am a fighter. I fight for those I love. I never give up on them. Perhaps you may say that I get attached too quickly, but those emotions are deep and real. They are not shallow and fake. That’s why I give people many, many chances. More than I’d like to admit.

That’s why if I finally make the hard decision to leave you, know that it took the immense strength to do that. I hurt too. Therefore, please, don’t make it harder for me. Don’t try to make me stay by saying that you are sorry and that things will be different. Don’t make promises. Don’t text. Don’t call. Don’t arrive.

If I decided to leave you, it was because I had my reasons. You must have done something so brutal that has broken my heart irreparably. Because you know that I care. You know that I am not ungrateful. You know that when I am with someone, I give my all to make it work. When I am in love with someone, I always keep them close to me and take care of them. That’s who I am. Deciding to leave someone is a rare occurrence for me. It doesn’t happen often. That’s why I need you to understand and respect my decision.

I will always care for you. I will always be there for you if you need me. However, I can no longer be with you because staying with you hurts more than being alone without you.

I must put myself first this time. I cannot let you or anyone treat me as ordinary and take me for granted. I won’t ever let anyone walk over me. I am tired of always being a good person and giving people second, third, and fourth chances only to hurt me more in the end.

Leaving you hurts like hell. But I made my decision. Anyone who brings me stress, anxiety, and pain has no place in my life. Period.

The last thing I want is to separate with a person I love, but sometimes I don’t have any other choice. Sometimes I must choose what’s best for me and let go of certain people to create a brighter future for myself.  

Mary Wright