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You Are Exhausted, My Friend: Here Are 7 Ways To Heal Your Soul


It feels like you have no strength to keep moving forward. Like you desperately need to stop and be still for a while. To hush your mind, disconnect from the world, forget about everything you need to do, and just breathe…

And at times, it scares you. It forces you to retrace your steps and see where you went wrong. But the thing is, you never did do something wrong. It is all a normal part of life. Being exhausted both physically and emotionally is something we all feel at a certain point in life.

It’s a sign that you need to rest. A gentle reminder that after all, you are only human.

A cry for help.

Don’t ignore it. You are the only person who can help yourself.

Below are 7 ways to heal your soul:

1. Breathe. Before trying anything else, remind yourself to breathe. To stop rushing. To stop expecting. To just be. Take a good look around you and notice all the beauty around you. There is magic in everything. You just need to look for it.

2. Start doing more of what makes you happy and less of what drains your energy. Quit all of your harmful habits. Abandon the idea that you always have to be there for others. Or that your happiness depends on people liking you. It doesn’t. And it never will. Plus, it is that way of thinking that has brought you here. On the verge of giving up. Your happiness comes from within. Don’t bother to look for it elsewhere.

3. Learn to say NO more often. It doesn’t make you selfish. It’s an act of self-care. Learn the difference and don’t be afraid to live your life as it suits you.

4. Accept yourself just the way you are. Learn to love the real you. The person underneath it all. Underneath all those veils and masks. The one with all of the quirks and flaws. All of those perfect imperfections. All of the fears and all of the insecurities. Be brave to not only accept that person, but make friends with them.

5. Take as much time as you need without explaining yourself to anyone. Disconnect yourself from everything that distracts you and turn inwards. Avoid all distractions along the road. Quiet your mind, focus on your thoughts and listen to your inner voice. It’s you. You are the only person that will be there for you, even when the rest of the world disappears.

6. Dive deep inside your feelings. I know it sounds scary and I know it doesn’t happen overnight. That is why you need to take your time. Accepting every part of yourself, even the darkest and deepest pits of your soul is painful. And sometimes it requires you to face certain feelings and emotions that you thought you buried long ago. But it is worth it, my friend. It is worth every tear you shed and every wound you scratch, for that is how you grow. That is the first step to gaining back your power.

7. Be kind to yourself. It is okay if all you did today is just survived. It’s okay if that is you doing your best. You are tired, my friend. And it is not your body, but your soul that needs some time off. You deserve to give yourself a break. Right now, you need all the love and all the kindness you give to others. Allow yourself to heal at your own pace.

You may not see it with your own eyes, but you are amazing. You are incredible. And you are worth it. No, you are not enough. You are than enough, my dear. 

Stephanie Reeds