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Losing A Pet Friend Is Like Losing A Piece Of Your Heart


I feel for you. I really do.

It’s all because I’ve felt your pain. I’ve felt it and I’ve struggled to accept it for a very long time. There are absolutely no words to describe the gut-wrenching and traumatizing feeling of losing your pet friend. Say what you will, but saying goodbye to a pet that you’ve spent your entire life with hurts like hell. It feels like having your entire heart ripped off your chest.

I know that some of you may not understand this, but I also know that my words will help some people out there. Some of you who have been through this. Some of you who know what it feels like to never ever see your pet friend again. To never hold them in your hands. To never hug them when you need it the most. To never look into their eyes and realize that there is nothing purer than their love for you.  

As I said, I feel for you. And I know your pain. It is difficult to say goodbye to them when you least expected it. It’s difficult to let go of them. But if there’s something even more painful than coping with grief and loss, than that’s definitely not being understood by others.

How can I explain this?

Pets are not just random animals to have around the house, to play with, to have fun with and they throw them away when you get bored. Pets are not dolls that you buy for your children. Pets are not disposable. Pets are not for a certain period of time. Pets are forever. And believe it or not, they are family. In some cases, they are even more family than your actual human family.

















Words cannot describe the powerful bond that pet owners build with their furry friends. The love that these creatures have for us, the joy that they shower us with, is unlike anything else you’ve felt in your life. Believe me, I’ve felt it. There is truly nothing purer and more precious than having two wonderful eyes looking at you like you are magic. And knowing that to them, you truly are. You are magic. Their entire world. Their shelter. Their comfort zone. Their source of happiness. Their joy. Their greatest love.

Now, imagine losing all of that in a second. Imagine them being taken away from you.

It hurts, right…

It really does. Because losing them is like losing a piece of your heart.

If you are someone who has faced the loss of a pet friend, know that I am here for you.

It’s okay. Let yourself feel bad. Let the pain flow through you. Allow your feelings to take control of you. You will be fine, I promise. One day, all of this will pass and the only thing you’ll remember will be the warm memories.

Stephanie Reeds